How to have wireless Apple CarPlay in the car

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is the operating system that Cupertino has developed to connect the iPhone to our car. Through this synchronization you can enjoy the goodness of iOS without having to lose concentration on the road because you are looking at the device. The interface of this device is very similar to iOS.

As we have said, it has a design similar to iOS, although it has trimmed features to avoid distractions. However, typical functions like listen to music through Apple Music or Spotify or receive calls.

The Apple assistant is the protagonist in this App, since at all times Apple seeks that it is not necessary to interact with the screen because you can ask it directly through the voice command “Hey Siri.” This way you will avoid distractions while driving.

How to have Apple CarePlay wirelessly?

The solution is to use a company adapter CPlay2air. The adapter is quite compact and is made of black plastic and has a connection usb2.0 to be able to connect it to our vehicle and at the other end, we have two LED and another USB 2.0 port so as not to lose this connection when we have the device connected.

How to connect CPlay2air in the car?

Its installation is very simple, since you only have to connect this device to the USB input port of our car. Setup is quite quick and engaging, as once you we select the car, the system will detect this adapter and the name of our iPhone appears. On the right side of the panel, the model of the car we are connecting appears.

Now, from our iPhone, we have to go Settings, and connect the iPhone via Bluetooth with the CPlay2air. Next, a pop-up appears indicating if we want to connect this accessory and click on accept.

Aspects to take into account in this connection

It is true that you will not have the same experience as if you had Apple CarPlay installed natively in the car, but it works really well, without too much lag between interface transitions and launches apps quickly. An important aspect is that with this connection method we do not lose control of the steering wheel buttons nor the multimedia zone, which is interesting in the event that you want to have own autonomy and not having to invoke Siri.

Apple CarPlay

This can be positive because AppleCarPlay forces you to carry out all the activities through its virtual assistant. Where it can be noticed true time delay it’s time to change songs, podcast, pause or rewind a song. However, it is not a problem that makes this device not worth buying.

Finally, it is important to highlight that we only have to do this procedure the first time, since the next time the connection will be automatic.