How to hide your phone number on iPhone

If you want to know how you can hide your phone number when you call someone from your iPhone, in this post we will tell you how you can do it. In addition, we tell you about the limitations that you will encounter, so that you know, at all times, in what aspects it is going to hide.

Your number will be hidden, but not always

Before showing you how your phone number will be hidden, you have to take into account some important points. Hiding your phone number will only work for voice calls. It will not work for calls or video calls from WhatsApp, Telegram or other messaging apps. Your phone number will also not be hidden if you make video calls over FaceTime.

In other words, it will only work for us if we make conventional phone calls, to any mobile phone number, be it an iPhone or an Android, or if we call a landline phone, which can display the call numbers on the screen. To hide our phone number from the iPhone we can do it in two ways.

Hide your number on all calls

The first option is carried out from the Settings. For this we will have to go to Settings > Phone > Show caller ID. This option is found in the Calls section, and if we click on it, we will see a switch that we have to press. By default, this will be activated. Depending on your iPhone model and your operator, this operation may take more or less time.

When it is activated, it means that all the people we call, whether or not we have them saved in our phonebook, will always see our phone number. If we disable the option, no one will see our phone number. we insist, only when we make conventional phone calls, which are those that depend on the connection to the mobile network.

Hide your number only when you want

The second option is to hide the phone number only when we want. That is, it is something temporary and specific pFor when we call a specific numberor, we have it (or not) saved in the agenda. And this is done directly from the keyboard, when we dial a phone number, or copy a number from the phonebook to the keyboard.

hide iphone number

To hide a phone number, we will have to dial #31# in front of the phone number who we want to call It is important that we put that extension just before the number, and also, the international prefix. Only then will our caller ID (our phone number) be hidden from the person we call. And again, it does not matter if it is a landline number or a mobile phone number. Whoever receives the call will not be able to see our number.

Why can’t I hide my number on FaceTime?

The truth is that conventional calls are one thing, and video and audio calls through FaceTime are another. Traditional calls work through the mobile network that you have on your iPhone, thanks to the SIM card. But FaceTime is a proprietary system that works thanks to Apple’s servers.

While it is true that we may not use our phone number for FaceTime, we will always need a method of identity. And if it is not through a mobile number, it will be an email. But to call by FaceTime, we do it through the app. We don’t have to dial a phone number to call one of our contacts. That is why the #31# trick or hiding the caller ID will not work for us in this case.