How to improve the WiFi connection on the iPhone and browse the internet at full speed?

In the article we are going to explore different ways to make WiFi connection on iPhone faster. Let's see how to do it.

Ways to improve WiFi connection on iPhone

When connecting to WiFi networks, whether in public or private spaces, there are several strategies that can improve the user experience. Next, we are going to show you some practical recommendations to strengthen the WiFi signal and improve the internet connection speed on your iPhone.

Are you using an unsupported case?

Protective cases can negatively influence the reception of the WiFi signal, particularly those that incorporate metal or magnetic elements. This is also the case with wallet cases filled with credit or other cards. Although MagSafe compatible cases are usually safe, as they are designed not to obstruct the antenna signal, it is advisable to opt for cases made of non-conductive materials such as plastic or silicone to avoid interference.

Improve your location and that of the router

Getting physically closer to the router or access point always improves the quality of the connection. If this option is viable for you, we recommend that you place yourself in an area closer to the router. In public spaces this can be more complicated. Reducing the distance and avoiding physical barriers can have a positive impact on improving the signal on our iPhone.

At home, The location of the router is important. Placing it in a central and elevated location, away from material obstacles and electronic devices, can amplify the signal. If the router has antennas, adjusting the direction of the antennas can also contribute to better coverage. In line with what we were talking about, appliances and other electronic devices can interfere with the WiFi signal. Moving your iPhone away from these devices or temporarily turning them off can improve the connection.


Troubleshooting and other tips

Reconfigure the WiFi network on the iPhone

Forgetting and reconnecting the WiFi network on the iPhone can solve connection problems. This process involves remove the network from the list of saved WiFi networks and reconnect by entering the password again. If this doesn't work, resetting the device's network settings may be a solution, although this will delete all saved networks and then you will need to re-enter all passwords.

Bypass iPhone WiFi network

Are you using a VPN?

Although VPNs offer an important layer of security when browsing the internet, they can also slow down your internet connection. Try temporarily disabling the VPN and see if this improves connection speed on your iPhone. If you want to be able to continue using a VPN when you're connected to the internet, try to use high-quality services that don't slow down your internet connection.

By following these tips you can make your WiFi connection on the iPhone improve. To a large extent, the speed of the WiFi connection will also depend on the type of service and amount of data contracted with your operator.