How to increase the internal memory of the iPhone

If you are one of those who keep everything on your iPhone, there will come a time when the internal memory fills up. And this happens sooner rather than later. Also, this usually happens with any amount of internal storage: 64, 128 or 512 GB. You can’t trust. And that’s when we start to get nervous and don’t know what to do. Here we will give you some Tricks to increase the internal memory of the iPhone.

Thousands of photos, videos, songs, documents… we save everything on our iPhone without noticing that there is a storage limit. But If we follow some guidelines from the beginning, we will be able to keep more space in the internal memory of our iPhone. To discover them, continue reading this article.

Check the iPhone camera settings

As we mentioned, photographs are one of the files that occupy the most memory on your iPhone. Plus, by always carrying it with you, your camera is always ready to shoot. And that is why before launching ourselves to shoot everything we see, it will be better to take a look at the iPhone settings.

When we refer to the camera settings, we refer to the quality that we are going to use for photos and videos; the more quality we want, the more the files will occupy in the internal memory of our Apple phone.

Looking at the quality of our videos recorded on the iPhone

increase internal memory iPhone watching quality videos

The first thing we are going to do is check the quality in which we are going to record our videos. For this we must go to Settings>Camera>Record video. As you can see in the screenshot that accompanies this section, the space per minute that a video takes up at 720p HD at 30 fps (frames per second) will not be the same as, for example, one shot at 4K at 30 fps -45 MB vs. 190 MB, respectively-.

On the other hand, and your iPhone model allows it, you will also have the option of set recorded videos to slow motion. In this case you will have two options: 1080p at 120 fps or 1080p at 240 fps. One minute of the first quality will occupy approximately 170 MB compared to 480 MB for the second option. So imagine what you can save space in this regard.

The photographs are a separate case

optimize iPhone internal storage

While in the videos section, Apple leaves a little more freedom in the configuration, in the photographs section, iOS will always take snapshots at the highest quality that the iPhone model you have is capable of capturing. The only thing we recommend is that you try not to take the same picture and save them. And that when possible, refer them to an external service such as iCloud.

In this regard, we also recommend that you enter the iPhone settings and do the following:

  • Go into iPhone Settings
  • Find the app’Photos‘ in the app list
  • Once inside, select the option ‘optimize storage

What will you get with this move? Well, as the iPhone itself informs you, when there is little free space left on the device’s internal memory, full-resolution photos and videos will be replaced by smaller versions -in size-. And when you need the originals, you can download them at any time from the iCloud service.

Keep an eye on your iPhone downloads folder

iPhone downloads, folders

On the other hand, since we can download all kinds of files on our iPhone, another aspect to take care of -and maintain- is the download folder of our terminal. Surely if you check the folder you will find documents, images, etc., that in your day you needed them for some reason and now you no longer. Delete everything you don’t need.

Also, while everything you download through Safari will go to that folder, if you are one of those who use Chrome -for example- a folder will have been created with the same name as the Google browser. Inside it you will have the files downloaded from it. So make sure what’s inside you need it too.

Configuring WhatsApp to increase the internal memory of the iPhone

Configure WhatsApp automatic downloads on iPhone

Another of the true devourers of the internal memory of the iPhone is WhatsApp. And not because of the number of chats you have open, but because of the files that you usually receive from all of them and that are automatically stored in the ‘Photos’ app. In addition, on many occasions the content is repeated and we can find videos repeated two or three times. Therefore, it will be a matter of restricting such action. How do we do it?

  • Enter WhatsApp and go to the section ‘Setting
  • Go into ‘storage and data
  • In the section ‘Automatic file download‘ you see marking, one by one, the option ‘Never

Now, if you don’t want to manually delete all the repeated content, don’t worry because iOS has a tool within the ‘Photos’ application that will help you do so. After analyzing all your albums, scroll to the bottom of the screen in the ‘More items’ section and you will see that you have a section called ‘duplicates‘. He clicks on her and merge all content. In this way you will not have repeated content and, above all, taking up space in your memory.

Delete apps you don’t usually use

Uninstall unused apps on iPhone, save internal memory

Another of the logical movements is to delete applications that we do not usually use and that we have left on our iPhone in case we need it one day. In this case, iOS also has the solution to increase the internal memory of the iPhone. To do this, do the following:

  • Go to ‘settings‘ from the iPhone
  • Enter the section ‘General‘ and ‘iPhone storage
  • A screen will open with a summary of what your internal storage is, how much space is occupied and how much space is free
  • You will see that there is an option in ‘Recommendations’ that is about activating the ‘Uninstall unused apps

This option, when activated, will remain in the background for when you have little internal space left and will uninstall the applications that you use the least. Of course, the documents and data will continue to be saved for when you decide to install them again.

Remove downloaded content from streaming platforms streaming

delete downloaded streaming content on iphone

On the other hand, the popular platforms of streaming – that there are more and more options that we have – allow us to download content on our equipment to view it without an Internet connection; In other words, at home we can download all the content we want via WiFi and not have to depend on the coverage of the place where we are.

However, start to downloading chapters and chapters from various platforms and storing them may not be the best way to safeguard iPhone internal memory. That is why it will be preferable to download what we are going to view or, otherwise and to increase the internal memory of the iPhone, we must go to Settings>General>iPhone Storage and among the options that we will find there is one that refers to ‘Check downloaded videos‘. Entering that section we will see, platform by platform, all the downloaded content. You just have to click on the edit option -in the upper right part of the screen- and start deleting the chapters or movies that you no longer want to store.

Delete pending podcast downloads that you no longer want to listen to

Delete podcast downloads on iPhone, increase internal memory

Finally, if with the platforms of streaming We recommended that you not download ‘like crazy’, try to do the same with podcasts. Perhaps you are subscribed to more than one channel and want to listen to all of them, but surely you will have to go one by one and you will not have material time a day to listen to so much audio -or will you?-. In any case, Within the ‘Podcasts’ app, go to the ‘Library’ section and select the ‘Downloaded’ option. There you will find all the episodes that are stored in the internal memory of your iPhone.

Therefore, we are going to remove some of them. And for this, you only have to press the options button -the upper one, right side with several points inside-. Among the options you are given is ‘Delete everything downloaded’. This would be the most drastic way to run out of any episodes in the internal memory of your iPhone. However, if you select each podcast to which you are subscribed and with downloaded material, you will also have the option to delete only the content of that channel.