How to know if an iPhone, iPad or Mac is original

If you have bought an iPhone second hand or from an unofficial store, you may be worried that it is fake. From an aesthetic point of view, it is very difficult to know if it is fake or not because every time the replicas seem more real, but it is in the small details where you can tell if the iPhone is original or not. In this post, we are going to see which sections you have to take into account when knowing if the device is original or not.

Original or fake?

Next we are going to see some solutions that you can apply to know if the device is original or not. Many of them are straightforward, but others require digging into some software settings. These options can be used for both the iPad, Mac and iPhone.

Check the serial number

The serial number of an iPhone, Mac, and iPad is unique and can be used to verify if the device is authentic. To find the no.serial number, go to Settings > General > About. Write down the serial number, then go to the Apple Verification webpage ( Enter the serial number and follow the instructions to verify if the device is authentic.

Along with this, you can also try to take out extended warranty insurance from AppleCare or hire some sexclusive service from Apple, such as Apple Arcade. If you are having problems with device verification, we are dealing with a fake unit.

Check the screen quality

Apple’s three flagships have one of the best screens on the market, which is one of the reasons why users decide to buy the devices from the bitten apple. If we are dealing with a false team, the screen will not have what same materials nor the same quality as the originals, so it is important to verify the screen resolution and quality of colors to make sure they look as sharp and vibrant as they should.


Finally, you can go to iPhone, iPad and Mac Settings and in device information you can see if there has been some repair and in the event that it is so, to know if it is an original or fake piece. Battery and screen replacement is self-evident right out of the box, because it’s prompted by the device’s software.

via software

Discovering that an iPhone is original or not via software is very easy, since the chassis can be replicated using similar materials. However, Apple’s software is its own and, for example, you can only invoke Siri through a device iOS. If it is Siri, it will be perfectly identified.


If the device is fake, it will not be able to open the App Store either, and it will open another type of marketplace or simply not have it. In the case of iPads, you can use the Play Store, trying to mimic the App Store, while in the case of you have a Mac, the App Store will simply not be available. app store and you can only download, if you can, applications from Chrome, because Safari it will not be available on any fake devices.

performance test

He performance of the Bionic chip or the Apple Silicon chip from Apple is one of the best on the market without a doubt, generating incredible fluidity in all processes. Even if a device is four or five years old, the performance drop is much slower than on other brands. In the case of the iPad, it uses both chips, in addition, you can check its performance through the Apple Pencil first or second generation and note if the fluidity is correct.

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If the device does not have correct performance from the moment of power on, it is a device that comes with a factory manufacturing defect or it is a fake device, because no one can doubt the performance of Apple chips.