How to know if an iPhone is original

Do you want to know if your iPhone is original? Since their launch, these devices have become a benchmark in terms of authenticity and quality. Many people look for them because of the prestige they have, and they are so anxious to have it in their hands that, sometimes, they don’t take enough time to check their features.

And it is that maybe at some point you have been presented with the opportunity to buy an iPhone at a price much lower than usual. Situation that immediately makes you doubt if it really is an original model.

But, before you make a decision, give yourself some time and read the following information. So, You will know how to identify if the iPhone you want to buy is original, or if, on the contrary, it is a counterfeit.

Check the operating system

How to know if an iPhone is original Most of the fake iPhones do not usually have the official operating system of the brand. It is because of that The first thing you should verify is that all the applications you have installed are those found on an original iPhone.

For this it is good that you have had an original device before, but if it is your first iPhone, you can turn to a friend who has one. if not, simply look for information on the internet to find out what are the native apps on an iPhone.

In general, Counterfeit iPhones bet on a modified version of Android that they intend to pass off as iOS. This is common, since Android is free software that can be manipulated by anyone with the necessary knowledge.

Check the IMEI of the device

Check the IMEI to know if an iPhone is original The IMEI is a code used to identify mobile devices in the global system of mobile communications. In other words, is a unique number that belongs to each phone worldwide.

Usually, the IMEI code is usually present on the back of the iPhone, specifically under the Apple logo. Also, it is usually found on the back of the SIM card tray.

Once the code has been verified, you must verify that it is indeed the same as that shown in the operating system. To do this you have to follow the following route: “Setting” > “General” > “Information” either “About”. If the IMEI code does not match the one on the case, it could be a fake iPhone.

In case it matches, the next thing you can do is go to the official Apple page and enter the code to verify its authenticity. If the device is fake, you will be notified that the entered number does not belong to a real iPhone.

More tests to know if an iPhone is original

fake iphone Other determining points that you should pay attention to if you want to know if an iPhone is original or not, are the following:

  • The construction of the device: Although it might be a bit difficult, you can tell if an iPhone is fake or not with the naked eye. For example, look at the size of the slot in which the SIM card is inserted and the position of the screws.
  • screen resolution: Original iPhones usually have excellent screen resolution, while counterfeits tend to have less.
  • poor quality cameras: If iPhones are known for anything, it’s for their cameras. Do some tests with the device and take some photos. In addition, some modality may be missing that is in the original iPhones.
  • The product lacks original box or accessories: If your phone does not include the accessories that Apple usually provides with your purchase, it may have been assembled illegally. Reason to doubt its legality.
  • battery status: If the battery is degraded or even changed, it can mean a key clue that the device is not original. A battery below 90% means that it is quite degraded.

Remember that it is always better to act with common sense before deciding to buy a device of this class. Do not be fooled by offers of low prices, as it could be a scam. If it is a second-hand mobile, try to consult with a friend who has bought a similar one, and ask him how much he paid for it.