How to know the status and battery health on your iPhone

How does a battery work?

All batteries have a series of properties that over time lose performance. When you buy the device, the battery is 100%, but as time goes by, that maximum capacity is progressively decreasing. As you already know, batteries work by charging cycle, that is, it is not necessary to charge the phone from 0 to 100%, but it produces through a cycle due to the lithium ion system that they currently contain.

From the battery settings app, we can obtain all the information related to the health and status in which the battery is located, as well as its degree of wear or not. In addition, it offers us different options, among which we can find the low power mode, or see the consumption in the last 24 hours and of the last 10 days, and we can also access to see the Battery Health.

The active screen hours It is what determines if the health of the battery is very thin or not and this depends directly on the use that you give it on a day-to-day basis and its degree of intensity. For example, if you have a basic use of sending social networks and multimedia content, you will notice the deterioration of the battery to a lesser extent than if you are a user who uses the device intensively every day.

What information does Apple give us?

The iPhone gives us interesting information and tells us firsthand what the state of our iPhone’s battery is like. In this sense, we highlight the following options:

  • regular capacity: the battery can support normal peak performance and no performance management features have been applied to it.
  • Battery health is unknown: iOS, the operating system of your iPhone is not capable of determining the health of the battery.
  • Battery health has degenerated: It only appears in the settings app in case we have a very low battery. This does not imply security problems, since you can continue using the battery without problems, but you will have few hours of active screen. It is time to change the battery.
  • Apple analyzes if you have added an illegal battery: If you have made a battery change at an unofficial provider, iOS will not be able to obtain information about it, so it will not be able to carry out correct calibration processes.

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How to take care of the battery?

There are several ways to Take care of the battery and improve health very easily. The first option is to use Certified cables and chargers. It may seem silly, but not using official charging systems can cause the iPhone to reach high temperatures, damaging the life of the device.

From a point of view of software, activate the optimized charging function, which is done through settings, battery, battery health. Having this option active when we connect the iPhone to the charger, it will not charge quickly, but rather the charge will be progressive.

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There’s a lot options and alternatives how to take care of the battery of your iPhone, but these are the simplest and fastest options that can be applied and that, in the long run, makes the useful life of the battery much longer over time.