How to listen to Apple Music on Google Home

If you have speakers from the Google Home or Google Nest ecosystem, and you have an Apple Music subscription, in this post we are going to show you how to combine both, to enjoy this service on your smart speaker. It is a fairly simple process to carry out and, once everything is configured, we can turn up the volume and enjoy our music.

Compatibility is recent

We haven’t always been able to enjoy Apple Music on Google smart speakers. However, this changed in 2022, when the application was incorporated into the Google ecosystem. The configuration is very simple. We just need to download the Google Home app, synchronize it with our smart speaker and, within the app, go to Settings > Music > More music services > Apple Music.

Here a window will open with which we will log in to Apple Music. When we have done so, our Apple ID, with the Apple Music subscription will be linked to our speaker. From here, we can start asking the Google assistant to play our music.

OK Google, play this song on Apple Music

It is important to keep in mind that, although there are speakers that have a screen, such as the Google Nest Hub, they do not have a complete service interface. To listen to music, we may ask you for a song, an album or one of our playlists. AND once the command has been executed, we will see a player. This one is relatively simple: the information of the song that is playing, the scroll bar and some recommendations.

For this player to open, however, we must ask the assistant to play content in Apple Music. At least for now if we ask it to open the Apple Music app, it will tell us that it is not possible do it. When the song has finished playing, the Apple Music app on Google Home displays a rather simple interface. And although we see content on the screen, it is not even close to what the Android or iOS app is.

What we see on the screen are some albums, playlists and content that we have played recently. We will not have access, therefore, to see a navigation through our library, lists or albums. In the same way, it is not possible to download our music in the memory of the speaker, to listen to it without internet. We will only be able to listen to streaming music, and if we are connected to the internet.

apple music google home interface

As you can see, Apple Music features on Google Nest (or Google Home) they are the most basic that can be done: request a song or a playlist. And it can only be executed by the Google assistant. If we have an iPhone, we will not be able to send content from the Music application to the Google speaker using AirPlay. So our iPhone is not going to help us either, in this case, to send content from the app. The same is not the case with other applications such as YouTube or Netflix, which do offer a direct connection to send content remotely.

Just as an iPhone or iPad already counts as an Apple Music-enabled device, Google speakers fall into this category as well. That is why, if we listen to music with Google Nest and we also want to listen to it on the iPhone, we will not be able to with the individual plan. This plan only allows one playback simultaneously, while the Family plan allows up to six.