How to listen to classical music in spatial audio with Apple Music Classical

The new music streaming service, Apple Music Classical, not only allows access to an immeasurable catalog of classical music. It also allows us to hear it in spatial audio format. Or what is the same, Dolby Atmos. So if you want to enjoy the music of always, but like never before, this post is for you.

Dolby Atmos for classical music

Dolby Atmos, or spatial audio, gives a greater depth to the music we listen to. In this way, what is a recording of a classical music concert becomes an imaginary scenario in which we can “place” each musician and each instrument in a specific place.

That specialty feature greatly enhances the classical music we listen to. And it’s a feature that comes at no additional cost, both in Apple Music and Apple Music Classical. That is why, to activate it, we have to go to Settings> Music and look for the Dolby Atmos option. If we want, we can always have it activated. But also, we can choose if it will only be available when we connect certain models of headphones. However, we will know if the Dolby Atmos system is activated when we play a specific song.

Of course, keep in mind that, although Apple Music Classical has this function, not all songs have this audio system. At least for the moment, it is only available a (large) selection of works that support Dolby Atmos. That is why, once we have activated this system, we have to go to the Classical app, which is the name of the app for the Apple Music Classical service.

Once we are in the application, we have to go to the Listen tab and go to a list called Now in spatial audio. Everything that we are going to find in this section has Dolby Atmos. And if we have the option activated, we will enjoy the songs with much more depth.

spatial audio apple music classical

To make sure that a song is played in spatial audio, the interface itself will tell us. When we open the music player, we will have to look at a message that will appear just below the duration bar. If the Dolby Atmos message appears, then the song will already be playing with spatial audio.

What you should keep in mind about Dolby Atmos

If you have an iPhone with little storage space, or a mobile data plan with a limited amount of GB, listening to spatial audio requires more resources. By having more amount of data, the songs they will take up more space storage.

In the same way, if we use mobile data to listen to streaming music, we are going to spend more, since the information that must be transmitted is much greater. Also, if we want to enhance the classical music listening experience, we can also activate the maximum audio quality: High resolution without loss. To do this, we will have to go to Settings> Music> Audio quality> Lossless audio and activate the High resolution option. no loss.