How to password protect your photos and videos on your iPhone

Notes app, always there when you need it

This first option consists of the use ofand two applicationsspecifically the photos app and notes app. The process consists of ten steps that we will fragment below:

  1. We select the photos or videos that we want to add password. The process is similar for both steps.
  2. Click on the share button that is located in the lower left part of our iPhone.
  3. We look for the notes App icon. Click on it and the option to create a new note or use a new note with existing photos.
  4. We click on save.
  5. Next, we go back to the notes application where we select the new note that contains the photographs. Click on the photographs where the option to block.
  6. A sign appears where we have to put the password to block these photographs.
  7. We press ok.
  8. Now whenever we go to see the photos, an icon will appear where we have to enter the password to determine that we have carried out the process correctly. In this way, when someone enters the Notes App, he will perceive that there are certain files with a password and that he cannot access them.
  9. Finally, we remove the photos that we have in the notes app from the photo album, so that it will only be available in Notes.
  10. If in the future we want to take it back to the photos app, we enter the password and select the photos. Click on share and send it to the photo app.

Remember, that all the photos that we have saved in the notes app will be accessible to all devices that have the same Apple ID from any device.

From the Photos App itself

The second method, we are going to centralize it completely from the photos app. The process consists of five steps:

  1. Let’s go to Photo album and select the photos that we want to hide.
  2. Click on the button three dots that is located in the lower right part of our iPhone.
  3. We scroll down and see that among the available options we see that there is an option that says: disguise
  4. We press and it appears in a pop-up window where we have to confirm that we want to hide these photographs.
  5. Now we go to the iPhone settings and if we go all the way down, you will see in the photo settings an option that puts «hidden album«.


If we mark it, in the photo app, you will see a new icon and a section that says “hidden” where a number appears where it puts the photos that we have hidden. In this way, we could access an album that only we can see. If you want to rescue one or more photos, click on the share icon and click on “show again” and here we click on the show button.