How to play the Nintendo Switch on your iPad [SORTEO]

We explain to you how you can play your Nintendo Switch using your iPad screen thanks to the Replica application and we are raffling off 10 lifetime licenses of the application among our readers. Come in and participate.

The arrival of iPadOS 17 has brought a good handful of new features for our iPads, and one of them is the possibility of using a webcam connected to the iPad’s USB-C for video conferences. What does this have to do with the possibility of using the iPad as an external display? Using this possibility, developers have launched applications to convert the iPad as a monitor for any device that has HDMI. In this article we are going to use the iPad as a screen for my Nintendo Switch, but we can really do it exactly the same for the PS5, Xbox or even a PC.

What do we need?

The first thing we need is an application that allows us to do this, and here We are going to use one that we already know: Replica. Available in the App Store (link) with a free download, the application allows you to cast the content of your iPhone or iPad to any Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV or even directly to almost any Smart TV. Now it also allows you to connect multimedia sources to your iPad via USB-C so that they are displayed on the iPad screen. For this functionality it is It is essential that your iPad is updated to iPadOS 17as we already indicated before.

In addition to the application We need an accessory that captures the multimedia signal from an HDMI and takes it to the USB-C of our iPad. There are many devices like this on the internet, I have used this one that I bought on Amazon (link) which has a price of €15 and which works perfectly. any accessory with this same function.

How do we do it?

Once we meet all the requirements we are practically done, because all we have to do is add the USB-c to HDMI adapter to our iPad, connect the HDMI that carries the image of our Nintendo Switch and Open the application by selecting the “cable” option, as we show you in the video. It’s that simple, that simple… we can now play our Switch (PS5 and Xbox too) anywhere without needing a television nearby.

We are raffling off 10 Replica licenses for life

Replica is free to download, and you have a free trial period to be able to try it without limitations for a few days, but if you want to use it from then on you will have to pay. The price is €9.99 (6 months), €19.99 (12 months) or €59.99 (lifetime). Its developer has given us 10 LIFE licenses to raffle among all of you, and participating is very simple.

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