How to put two faces to unlock the iPhone with Face ID

One of the biggest changes that the iPhone has undergone in recent years has been the replacement of Touch ID by Face ID, that is, users have gone from being able to unlock their iPhone with their fingerprint to having to do it with their face. This has caused certain changes beyond the obvious, therefore, in this post we want to tell you how you can solve one of them.

Manzana, with the arrival of the iPhone X a change began which has practically already been established in the majority of users who have an iPhone, with the exception of those who have an iPhone SE or a model prior to the X in their day-to-day life. While until not long ago the fingerprint of one of your fingers to be able to unlock the device, now it is mostly the face of each one the tool with which the device can be accessed.

This change has not only modified the way to unlock the iPhone, but also many other actions that are carried out through Face ID, such as setting passwords or paying with Apple Pay. Now, while with the implementation of Touch ID users could register several fingers with which to unlock the device, Apple with Face ID only allows a single face to have these privileges, or at least that was believed until now. moment.

One of the functions that Apple allows you to perform with Face ID when configuring it is to register an alternative aspect, so that, from the start you register your usual face, and later you can do it but with glasses, a cap or any other additional accessory, so when you go to unlock the iPhone with Face ID it can recognize you before. Well, thanks to this process of registering an additional aspect, you can get another person to register their face and thus the two of you can unlock the iPhone with Face ID.

Steps to register a second face on your iPhone

The steps to get the iPhone to be able to recognize two different faces are very simple, in fact it will only take you a few seconds to meet each and every one of the necessary requirements that we indicate below. Of course, you have to keep in mind that in the end, when you allow another user to unlock your iPhone with their face, you are giving them access to all the data and information that you keep inside it, so you have to keep this in mind, since in the end it will have full access to your entire device.

  1. On your iPhone, open the app Settings.
  2. Click on Face ID and code.
  3. Enter the code of your iPhone.
  4. Click on «Set up a secondary look to use Face ID with a mask«.
  5. Follow the steps indicated.

face id x2

Once you have completed all the steps indicated on the screen of your iPhone, both you and the person who registered your face can unlock the iPhone with your face. However, once again we make special emphasis that you have to be very careful with this, since in the end the person who has registered her face will have full access to your entire iPhone.