Many of us use our devices on a daily basis to record videos or capture a moment with a photo. The quality of our iPhone's camera also encourages us to do so.

The problem, as usual, especially if we use our iPhone to record videos It is the battery consumption when having the screen on during recordingwhich is logical especially if we want to record a long video and we don't want to miss any detail. But surely on more than one occasion you have left the iPhone in a position so that it records absolutely everything that happens on the screen. In these cases, it is best to do it with the screen off to save battery.

How to record videos from iPhone with the screen off

In these cases, the best thing we can do to save battery is record with the device screen off using two combined functions which were not originally designed for that.

The process would be like this:

  1. We open the settings, we go to Accessibility/Quick function.
  2. If not, we activate “Guided Access” and “VoiceOver”.
  3. When recording the screen, we will put the iPhone on silent, since we do not want it to start talking while we are recording.
  4. Now we open the Camera app and slide to enter video mode.
  5. We triple-tap the power button and choose “VoiceOver.”
  6. Tap the record button once, and this will select it. Since VoiceOver is active, it won't record yet.
  7. Double click on the record button and it will start recording.
  8. Now, to turn off the screen, we triple-tap with three fingers on the screen. If we want to check that it is still recording, we repeat the triple-tap with three fingers to turn it on.
  9. To stop recording, with the screen on, tap the stop button twice.
  10. And to exit “VoiceOver”, press the power button three times and uncheck its option.

All that remains is to turn up the volume again and check that the recording has indeed been a success.

How to work around an iOS 9 bug

There is another option for older devices still on iOS 9. In this case a bug is exploitedand it was present in all the versions of iOS 9 that we have tested. The process would be like this

  1. From the lock screen, tap on the camera icon and slide your finger to the middle of the screen.
  2. Next, without releasing your finger, select the video option and press the red button to start recording.
  3. Now we need to double-tap the home button three times and wait for the iPhone screen to turn off automatically, just as it would if we had pressed the home button just to see the time.
  4. At this point, the iPhone is recording everything in front of the camera until we press the home button again.

Being able to record a video with the iPhone screen off without jailbreak can be a process with more steps than we would like, but the benefits are undeniable. In addition to saving battery, the fact of not jailbreaking at a time when neither the scene It's not that good, it's not really necessary. With what's explained here, doing something like this promotional video will be more of a reality than ever: