How to remove sound from video on iPhone

There are many reasons why we may be forced, or need, to remove sound from video on the iPhone before sharing it. If you want to know all the possible ways to remove the sound from a video from your iPhone, I invite you to continue reading.


Sometimes, the simplest solution is found in the operating system itself. And, in this case, it is not an exception, since from the Photos application, we can remove sound from any video that we have in the library.

The problem before us is that the changes occur on the videoa separate copy is not created to apply the changes to.

This will force us to reverse the change once we have shared the video without sound, as long as we have the need to keep it.

For remove sound from video From the Photos application, we must proceed as follows:

Remove video sound on iPhone

  • First of all, we must select the video to which we want to remove the sound.
  • Next, we click on the button Edit.
  • Next, at the top left, click on the volume icon.
  • To save the changes, click on Okay.



iMovie is the video editor that Apple makes available to all iOS users automatically. totally free. With this application, we can create all kinds of videos using the different templates that it makes available to us.

We can also give free rein to our imagination and use the different effects, transitions, songs and others that it makes available to us.

Just as it allows us to add music, it also allows us to change video volumeincluding the option to remove them completely.

If we do not have the application installed, we can download it from the following link.

Here are the steps to remove the sound from a video on iPhone or iPad with iMovie.

remove sound from iphone videos

  • Once we open the application, click on Create Project / Movie.
  • Next, we select the video to which we want to remove the sound and click on Create movie.

remove sound from iphone videos

  • Next, click on the video to access the editing options offered by iMovie.
  • In the next step, click on the Volume button and we slide the bar to the rightto turn the volume all the way down.
  • Finally, we click on the button Donelocated at the top left of the app.

remove sound from iphone videos

  • Once we have created the movie with the video without sound, it is time to share it. From the iMovie projects page we can share the video directly with the messaging application that we want.
  • if we want save the video on our computerwhen clicking on the share button, then we must click on the Save video button.

If you don’t use iMovie to edit videos on your device, you can use any other video editor you use regularly.

Any self-respecting video editor, includes the possibility to be able to completely silence the videos, enhance the sound, replace the audio track with another…


WhatsApp is the platform commonly used to share videos, videos that, if we don’t have the application properly configured, fill up the storage space of our device. But it is another topic.

Meta’s messaging application included a little over a year ago, a new function related to videos that allows us to silence them before sending them.

yes habitually you use this platform to share videos and you want to remove the sound, then I show you how to do it.

remove sound videos iphone whatsapp

  • Once we have opened the application, we go to the chat where we want to share the video without sound.
  • A preview of the video will then be displayed. In the upper left, the volume icon is displayed.
  • By clicking on that icon, audio will be removed from the sound while the final size of the file will be reduced.
  • To send the video without sound, click on the button Send.

If our objective is not to share the video through WhatsApp, but we want to use any other application, we can continue using WhatsApp and take advantage of this functionality.

To take advantage of this WhatsApp functionality, you can send the video to any family member or friend of yours removing the sound as I have indicated above.

Next, we access the chat from which we have shared it, click on the video and in the drop-down menu Click on Save video.

In this way, we will have the video without sound in the library ready to share with other applications.

Mute Videos

Remove audio from videos on iPhone

As its name describes, the Mute Videos application allows us to remove sound from any video that we have stored in the library of our device.

But, in addition, and unlike all the applications that I have shown in this article, it also allows us remove only part of the sound from videos.

This application is available for your download completely free, does not include ads or in-app purchases. This app requires iOS 11 or higher and is compatible with Macs with the Apple M1 processor.

Mute Up: Remove audio sound

mute up

With Mute Up, it not only allows us to completely remove the sound from the videos, but also allows us to increase it up to 10 times.

To increase the sound level or eliminate it, we must move the volume bar to the right or left respectively.

Mute Up is available for your download for free, does not include purchases or ads. It requires iOS 14.1 or later and is compatible with Macs powered by Apple’s M1 processor.

mute video

video mute

With the Mute Video application it is a simple application that allows us to remove the audio from any video stored on our device. The app is available for your Download for free and includes ads.

If we use the in-app purchase, we will remove the ads. This application requires iOS 9 or later and is compatible with Macs managed with the Apple M1 processor.

In the App Store we can find more applications that allow us remove or enhance the sound of a videobut they have a serious problem since they force us to pay a subscription.