How to remove the background from an image from iOS 16 without apps

The operating system of the iPhone and iPad have evolved in all this time that they have been on the market. Apple has been adding new features. AND They know that the photography section is one of the most used on a day-to-day basis. That is why, since the iOS 16 version is installed on the devices, users can remove the background of an image on the iPhone without using external applications. And in this article we are going to explain the two methods that we have within our reach: one when there are few photographs -or only one image-. The other will refer to when we want to remove the background of an image in batch.

The iPhone cameras are some of the best in the smartphone industry. With the arrival of new models on the market, users they are always waiting for the launch of the new features of the cameras that accompany the terminals. Apple normally puts various equipment on sale and the Pro models have somewhat more advanced cameras with spectacular results.

However, leaving the quality of the cameras that equip the smartphones From Cupertino, editing the photos we take is also an interesting point for Apple -and for end users-. In the latest versions of iOS or iPadOS we have the possibility to remove the background of an image in a very simple way and without the final result being noticed. This is perhaps more noticeable and easier to do when we have people or objects in the foreground. But we are going to explain the two ways that you have available to carry this out.

Remove the background of an image from the iPhone from the ‘Photos’ application

Remove the background from an image from the Photos app

The first method is do it directly from the ‘Photos’ app on both devices. This method will allow us to separate objects -or people- from the rest of the image with a few steps. Later, with that image we can create a new one or paste it into another snapshot. The steps to follow are the following -remember that this is valid for both iPhone and iPad-:

  • Enter the app ‘Photos’
  • Choose the photograph that interests you
  • Enter her and without hitting anywhere, long press on the person or object you want to separate from the rest of the image
  • You will see that this object or person begins to be surrounded by a halo of white
  • At the end, the action will allow you to share or copy that selected object. For example, you will be able to create a new image or copy that image into a document, etc.

However, the ‘Photos’ app only allows you to carry out this method image by image. That is, you will not be able to remove the background of several images in batch. To do this you must resort to the following method.

Remove the background of an image in batch from the iPhone or iPad – the ‘Files’ app to the rescue

Remove background images in the iPhone Files app

The following method can also be carried out on both the iPhone and the iPad. In this case we will not need the help of an external application either; with the ‘Files’ app that comes installed on Apple devices is enough.

As we told you, the ‘Photos’ application allows you to separate objects or people but in a single photograph. So if we need to apply it to many snapshots, the task can become quite heavy. However, to do it in batch, follow the next steps. Now keep one thing in mind: this option will work when there are actually people or objects in the foreground. Otherwise, perhaps the result is not what you expected, since it will not be you who selects the object or person to separate from the rest of the capture

  • Locate the app’Files‘ And enter
  • Create a new folder where you will store all the photos you want to edit or remove the background
  • Now go to the ‘Photos’ app, select all the photographs that interest you and copy them to take them to the folder you created in ‘Files’
  • Now go back to ‘Files’ and look for the folder that you created with all the images from which you are going to remove the background. Get in it
  • Now it’s time to select all photos without doing anything else; only that they are marked waiting for an action on your part
  • The images are already marked. Now go to the three dots menu. Among the options offered to you is the ‘remove background‘. Give that option and you will see how new files are automatically created with the object that interests you in the foreground and without any background
  • To have the results back in your photo library of the ‘Photos’ app, select the images that have been created after separating the background and click on the ‘Save image’ option. One of the options is to save to Photos, although this action is usually automatic

With these two methods you have managed to remove the background from an image on the iPhone, with iOS 16 and without the need to resort to any external application. And much less, a paid application.