How to reset macOS user password

Sometimes, when we update our Mac or we have not used the computer for several months, it can cause the password of our Mac not to work, that is, it does not recognize the correct password of the computer. In this post we will analyze how to solve this problem resetting the macOS user password.

Before you begin to reset your Mac password, it’s important to have your MacBook connected to power to avoid running out of battery power while the restore process occurs. It is a process that will take you a short time, but it is always recommended to have it connected to the power when we are going to carry out processes within macOS.

Before starting the PC password reset process, you need to differentiate between the login and sleep mode that Macs have. The login appears after you turn on, restart, or log out of your Mac. It is not the same as the window you can see when waking the Mac from sleep even though they use the same password.

computer restore mode

When we have an error when unlocking the computer, we have to apply the recovery modes. To do this, you have to restart the Mac and just as it starts to turn on you have to press the Command key and R key while the reboot process continues.

Then a new window appears called “computer restore mode”, but this window allows you to do many things, from resetting the password to completely restoring the computer. To refute the password you do not have to carry out any such complex process. So, you have to click on next and we clip on «You have forgotten all your passwords». The steps to reset the password are as follows:

Reset your password to sign in with your Apple ID

  1. you put the Apple ID and the password to reset the login password. You press next.
  2. Then a window appears where you have to put «New Password«, «repeat new password» and a prompt for the new password. Click on next.
  3. A new window appears where you can perform restoration and deeper backups, where the recovery process is not affected.
  4. Now you have to go to the top left and click on the apple logo. Then click on “Restart the system”

mac password

An alternative: reset with the recovery key

FileVaultthe name by which Apple has called its disk encryption system on its Macs to be able to access their computers, being a security feature that has been used by Mac users for many years. The steps to restore the password are the following:

  1. Click on the option reset with the recovery key.
  2. Enter your FileVault recovery key. It’s the long string of letters and numbers you received when you turned on FileVault and chose to create a recovery key instead of allowing your iCloud account (Apple ID) to unlock the drive.
  3. Enter your new password information, and then click Reset Password.


Finally, after completing the process of restoring the login password, we have to wait for the computer to restart completely and enter the new password. However, it is possible that all the applications that you had open the last time you left the computer turned on appear on the desktop abruptly, so the best option is to turn off the computer, wait a few seconds and turn it back on.