How to search faster with Safari

There are several options that allow you to optimize the search speed, when browsing the Internet with the Safari browser. If you want to improve your user experience, while You save timewe are going to teach you some simple parameters that, in addition to facilitating the work, over time, will learn from the habits of browsing use.

The iPhone will learn from us

The first thing we should do, to start looking for content more quickly, is to go to Settings > Safari. Here we are going to see several categories and we will have to look at the Search section. This is where we are going to find the parameters to optimize the search speed in Safari and, therefore, we will end up saving time.

The first option that we can activate is Search engine suggestions. When we write content in the browser’s search bar, by default, the screen appears blank and content will only appear once we have pressed the Enter button. With this option activated, we will be shown several results that we will be able to access immediately, without having to enter the full text. As we enter characters, the suggestions that are going to be shown will change, to better adapt the direct result to be accessed.

The second option is the one called Quick web search. This has a somewhat curious operation. In addition to the fact that it is the option that will learn from our browsing habits. When we are on a website, it has a search box, and we want to search for content, the results will be loaded within the web page. With this option activated, as we carry out this type of search, the iPhone will get to know us better in this regard, and we will be able to search directly in the browser’s search bar.

In this case, the formula to go directly to these types of results is simple. If, for example, we are on the official Apple website and we want to search, within the web, for Apple Care+, and to see the results, in the Safari bar it will be enough to put “apple apple care+” (name of the web page + the content that we have put in the search bar). Automatically, when the iPhone has learned this habit, it will send us directly to the Apple Care+ section, on the official Apple website.

The last option is called Preload best result. If we activate this setting, when we enter a web address in the Safari search bar, without entering the domain, the result will be preloaded with the complete domain. Thus, if we press the Enter button, we will be directed directly to the web page without having to enter the full domain, or the result must first appear in Google. All this, without having to save browsing or history data, since it is a function that is executed automatically.

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