How to set a dynamic wallpaper on Mac

Many Mac wallpapers are already iconic. But over time, Apple has been updating the macOS systems, incorporating new features. If we focus on wallpapers, there are dynamic backgrounds. and in this post We explain what they are and how we can configure them.

What is a dynamic wallpaper

Before we begin, we must make a point: in this post we will see what Dynamic Desktop backgrounds are. This type of dynamic anchoring is not the same as animated wallpapers, such as the virtual fish tanks that became so fashionable in the 2000s.

Since the arrival of Dark Mode on Macs, wallpapers have undergone a slight change. We went from having fixed images to having images that, depending on the time it is, and our location (in the case of laptops), it gradually adopts a tone of light and colors, in accordance with the natural light that exists at that specific time. Although they are not funds that change every hour, during the day we can see around four shades of the same wallpaper.

These wallpapers, although they are not very extensive in the catalog, are found within the Mac settings. If we want to activate a wallpaper of this type, we will have to go to System Settings > Wallpaper. In this menu, in addition to seeing the screen that we are using at that moment, we will see three categories of images:

  • dynamic desktop
  • light and dark desk
  • desktop images
  • Colors

Desktop images are still images. These do not vary throughout the day. The light and dark Desktop images are sets of photos that, depending on the appearance of our Mac, will be adapted. That is, they work with Dark Mode and Light Mode. On the other hand, the Colors section are solid colors that act as desktop background.

The images we are interested in are in Hot Desktop. In macOS Ventura it seems that we only have 9 background images available. But they are not nine images, but there are nine sets of images. These funds are dynamic because they will change their tones at different times of the day.

To select one of these dynamic backgrounds, all you have to do is select one of the sets of images that we have available. But it may also be the case that, to save space, your Mac does not have these wallpapers downloaded. That is why, it may be the case that we can see an icon of a cloud with an arrow. This means that this fund is in the cloud (but not in our iCloud, but on Apple’s servers) and we need it to download.

dynamic wallpaper mac

To download the set of images, all we have to do is click on the cloud icon and wait for it to download. When we have the background selected, we can select how we want this background. Do we want it as a static image? Only visible in light aspect? Only visible in the dark aspect?