How to set a timer on Spotify

Do you want Spotify to end playing music or a podcast when you tell it to? You have several options for set timer on spotify. And here we are going to detail you, one by one, so that you are finally the one who chooses which of all of them best suits your needs.

Spotify has become the music service for streaming most important in the world. Currently, 480 million users reproduce some content from the service once a month. While, the subscriber share reaches a whopping 205 million users.

Set the Spotify timer (the one from the app)

Timer on Spotify iPad

Even if you are a regular user of the Spotify music-on-demand service, you may have missed that the application itself has a timer. What does this mean? Well, according to your demands, You can impose a prudent time for the content to stop playing.

It won’t matter if you do it from an iPhone or an iPad, on both devices you can end the audio playback when you need it. The options that Spotify offers you range from 5 minutes to an hour, maximum. Also, if you want to be more explicit, you just have to indicate when the song ends.

How to activate the Spotify timer? Simple: start playing a song, a podcast or a list that you have made. In the player, click on the three dots icon. Different options will appear, one of them being ‘Timer’.

Set timer on Spotify using iPhone/iPad timer

Spotify playback on iPad

Another of the alternatives that you have both on your iPhone and on your iPad is the power use the timer that comes from the source in mobile devices from Apple. You will find the timer in the ‘Clock’ application.

Once inside the app, look at the bottom of the screen for the option that refers to the ‘Timer’. By pressing it, you will enter a new screen where you can choose, first of all, the time you want to predetermine for the action to take place – from seconds to hours of playback.

iOS iPadOS timer as standard

And now you may be wondering: how will both the iPhone and iPad know when to end playing media? It is the next and most important step. because without checking this option, the timer being active will not help.

iPhone and iPad Timer Alternatives

That is why you should look at the central box in which ‘When finished’ is indicated. Pressing it will be when a drop-down is shown that you must slide to the end and in which it will indicate ‘Stop playback’. Finally you must press the ‘Save’ option in the upper right corner. If you prefer, the best thing to do is to test with a few seconds of timer and verify that the music playback stops.

iOS Shortcuts: One of the automations is to stop playbacks

Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad

For years, Apple opted for an application on its mobile devices that allowed users to create shortcuts in which to automate some actions. And how could it be otherwise, ‘Shortcuts’ will also allow you to stop playback, both on Spotify and on other services: Apple Music, YouTube, etc.

How can you set shortcuts to stop playing Spotify? Do the following:

  • Enter the ‘Shortcuts’ app
  • Click on ‘Automation’ from the bottom of the screen
  • Choose the option ‘Create personal automation’
  • Choose ‘Time of day’ –it is the first option of all–
  • It is time to choose the time you want the playback to stop and if you want it to repeat every day, every week or every month. Press ‘Next’
  • Type in ‘Search apps and actions’ the following: play/pause
  • The last thing that remains is to confirm that all the data entered is correct

However, you must bear in mind that this type of automation will be repeated every day at the same time, so it will be useful if you always make Spotify serve the same time slot.

Use the Siri assistant to end Spotify playback on your Apple devices

HomePod mini with Siri

Now, if you think that all this is of no use to you and you want something simpler, remember that one of Apple’s strengths –and that of its competition– is that a virtual assistant has been integrated for years. Exactly: the well-known Siri.

Siri can do all of this that we have told you about in a much simpler way and without having to program anything using keystrokes; you will only have to use your voice to tell Siri when you want Spotify to finish playing or any other music or video playback service on demand.

To achieve this, you only have to invoke Siri with the now mythical ‘Hey, Siri’. When Siri makes an appearance, it will be time to give her instructions. You just have to tell him: ‘End playing Spotify in X time’. Ready. You will see that the music will continue its course, while a timer will appear on the screen that, when it reaches its end, will stop Spotify playback on your computer.