How to set focus modes on Mac

Apple has evolved its traditional Do Not Disturb mode by incorporating concentration modes that we can adapt and configure to our liking. These can be configured on the iPhone or iPad, but also from a Mac. So today we will see how they are configured from our computers, in a few steps, and in a very simple way.

This is how concentration modes are configured on Mac

These modes, if we have another Apple device with our linked ID, can be shared and activated very easily. But to activate these modes, beyond the ones Apple provides us natively. To configure them on our Mac, we will have to go to System settings > Focus. It is here where the modes that we have will appear, and we will have to click on Add as concentration.

IF we want to customize it 100%, we will have to Click on the Customize button. The first thing that we will be asked is what we want to call it, what icon it will have (so that we can distinguish it) and what color it will be assigned. Once we have configured this first section, we will see a menu with the following sections:

  • Allow Notifications – Here are two subcategories called Allowed People and Allowed Apps. If we do not select any option, we will not receive any notification while the mode is activated. But the good thing is that we can select the people from whom we want to receive calls and messages. Thus, depending on the mode that we have activated, we can select who can contact us. In the same way, it happens with the applications. We will only receive notifications of those that interest us. We can also configure that all notifications enter us without any filter.
  • Define a schedule: This section is useful if we want for this mode to activate at a certain time or location, automatically. If we are going to activate this mode without a defined pattern, we can leave this option blank. But, for example, if we take our Mac to the office or to the university, this mode will be activated automatically and the Mac will know it thanks to the fact that it will have learned from our habits and, therefore, it will not be necessary for us to indicate directions manually. .
  • Concentration filters: This is useful if we want certain messages or events to be filtered, such as those that we have saved in Calendar, or some messages that can reach us through the Mail application. In the same way, we can leave this section blank, so we will not have content filters.

configure concentration mode mac

When we have configured all these sections, the concentration mode will be ready. To activate it, we will only have to go to the Control Center, choose the Concentration option and click on the mode that we want to activate. If we do not have a defined schedule, we must do the same to deactivate it. We can also activate them from the iPhone and iPad and also apply to the Mac. In order to share these modes, in System Settings> Concentration, we must select the Share between devices check box. Thus, if we have an iPhone or iPad with the same Apple ID and connected to the same Wi-Fi network, it will be activated everywhere. If we deactivate it, it will also apply to the rest of the devices.