How to set up emergency contacts on iPhone

One of the reasons that make the iPhone safe is the possibility of configuring emergency contacts so that, in the event that we have had an accident or are in a dangerous situation, they can know where we are and how we meet In this post we will learn how to configure those emergency contacts and also how to activate the quick command to call emergency services.

What are emergency contacts

The iPhone has a mode called Emergency SOS that, thanks to a quick press of buttons, it calls the emergency service and sends our location so they know where we are. However, the iPhone also has a function called Emergency Contacts, which consists of selecting a number of people from our contact list so that, if we have activated the SOS Emergency mode, these people will receive a message indicating that our iPhone has called emergencies. , and also, the location where we are at that moment. IF we are changing our location, the iPhone will send it to the people we have as Emergency Contacts.

To activate the SOS Emergency mode, we can do it in two ways. The first, if we keep the lock button and one of the volume buttons pressed, a screen will appear with a regulator that we must slide so that the iPhone calls emergencies. Another faster way is to press the lock button 5 times. If we do this, a countdown will start and when it ends, the iPhone will call emergencies. To configure these two options, you have to go to Settings > SOS Emergency. The two options are Call by pressing and Call by pressing five times.

This is how to add emergency contacts

Within the Emergency and SOS menu, we are going to see the Emergency contacts section and, if we do not have any, we must click on the Add / Edit emergency contacts button. At that time, a file will be opened with our medical data (that we have indicated). These data are displayed on the locked screen, and are data such as our age, height and weight.

When we are inside that tab, we will have to press the Edit button. Here you can edit all the data, but in this case we will go to the Emergency contacts section. Here we will have a list with all the people that we have added, and we will get the option to Add emergency contact. If we click on that button, the list of all our contacts will open. We select the one we want and, if our contact has more than one phone number saved in the same contact card, we will have to select the phone number to which we want the alert and location messages to be sent.

edit sos emergency contacts

A very important option to activate is the Show when locked . When we enter the SOS Emergency mode, we can choose whether our medical data can be displayed, even if the screen is locked. This can be useful if we are in a dangerous situation, where we have to give basic information and, for whatever reason, we could not. We must remember that these “medical data” we are talking about are not medical reports, but data about us that we fill out ourselves.