How to share content between an iPhone and a Mac in 2023

There are several ways to share content between an iPhone and a Mac, depending on the type of file or project you want to share. Remember that in order to share files for the functions that we are going to mention below, both devices have to same Apple ID.


AirDrop is a native Apple application that you never need and when you use it it solves an infinite number of problems. This application (which we cannot confuse with Mail Drop) is one of the options Apple native to send files between an iPhone and a Mac.

To send files, it is recommended that both devices be connected to the same wifi network and what bliss function is activated on the device. If they are connected to each other, you have to select file you want to share on your iPhone and tap the Share button. Share. Then it will bring up a series of users and the Mac device I have nearby so I can send the file. Finally, click on it and the file that, by default, is stored in Downloads will automatically begin to be sent.

Cloud storage

If we refer to cloud storage devices, iCloud It is one of the best options for this, due to its synchronization between all Apple devices. Besides that, heThe connection is automatic between them. Another of its benefits is that if the file is stored in iCloud, any change it is modified instantly on the rest of the devices.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

For send files via iCloud, simply save the file to the iCloud Drive folder on your iPhone and then open the same folder on your Mac, or vice versa. Finally, if your storage is full, you can use options like Family Sharing that make it easy to store unlimited files.


Another native Apple application with more limited use is the iMessage messaging app. With it, as with all native Apple applications, you can share content between an iPhone and a Mac. The possibility of sending files is infinite, since you can share text messages, images, videos and other files directly from your iPhone to your Mac and vice versa.

files in imessage

The way to share content is very simple. To do this, open the Messages app on your iPhone and select the Mac you want to send the content to. Then select the file you want to send and tap the button Share. The file will automatically be sent to your Mac and appear in the Messages chat window on your Mac.


Handoff is a native Apple function that many don’t know about and that allows work with your files in documents or projects on your Mac and continue from the iPhone and vice versa.

Its operation is very simple, since it consists of opening the same file or project on your Mac and on the iPhone and iOS or macOS it will ask you if you want to continue working on the project you had open. Then click yes and start working on the new computer instantly. Remember that, to use this type of native Apple applications such as iCloud or AirDrop, it is essential that both devices have the same Apple ID.