How to share internet from your iPhone

Whether you’re using a Mac, Windows laptop or Android tablet, you can turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi router, so you stay connected wherever you go. That’s why, if you want share your data connection with iPhoneIn this post we explain how you can do it.

Your iPhone is your router

Sharing the internet with an iPhone makes a lot of sense, if we are working a lot on mobility, or if we have a sufficiently broad mobile data plan, to navigate normally, safely and without fear of exhausting our data package.

The iPhone is capable of becoming a Wi-Fi router and sharing an internet signal, thanks to the mobile data plan that we have contracted. In the same way that the iPhone uses the telephone network to give us a signal, we can make the iPhone repeat that signal, to take advantage of it in another device. What we are going to need is the following:

  • An iPhone with SIM card activated
  • Coverage of telephony
  • A rate that is supports data sharing function
  • A high battery level
  • Not having Airplane Mode activated
  • Have the mobile data of the iPhone turned on

In the same way that in the iPhone we need a series of requirements, in the device that is going to receive that internet connection, you must make sure of the following:

  • Have your Wi-Fi connection up and running
  • Make sure you are not connected to any other network

Although these things may seem obvious, the truth is that it is very important to review everything, since this way we will ensure that the connection experience is good. Share mobile data from iPhone it consumes a lot of battery. That is why, if we do not want our connection to be interrupted, and we do not want the iPhone to turn off, it is better to charge it to the maximum possible, if you are not going to be able to plug it in for a while.

Similarly, coverage is very important. Even if we have the iPhone and the other device next to us, Internet speed will depend on how much coverage we have on the iPhone. And although it may sound very strange, not all mobile operator rates allow data sharing from the iPhone.

Although the vast majority of tariffs allow this function, there are some that may have that restriction as a hiring requirement. So we recommend that you check with your operator, in case of doubt.

Share data from your iPhone

To share the internet with the iPhone we will have to go to Settings > Personal hotspot. In this menu we will find several options that we will have to tinker with:

  • Allow others to connect button: Turn on the Wi-Fi signal that your iPhone will emit.
  • Wi-Fi password: the iPhone, by default, will create a security password, to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing our connection network. That is why you can change it at any time.

personal hotspot iphone

On the device you want to connect, you must open the Wi-Fi connection section, and you must search for the name of the network. This name is “iPhone of (your name)”, and it will appear to us as a normal Wi-Fi network, like the others. But if we connect from another Apple device, we will see how the Wi-Fi logo is a string. In the same way we can connect.