How to share passwords between your Apple devices?

Sharing passwords between your Apple devices is a convenient way to access your accounts on all your devices without having to remember each individual password. Therefore, in this post, we are going to see How you can share passwords between your different Apple devices.

How to share password between your devices?

There are several ways to share password between Apple devices, and in this article, we are going to determine the four steps you need to take to be able to share your passwords. Finally, we are going to discuss some control processes for your shared accounts to improve the security and privacy of your devices.

  • Enable the password sharing feature: Apple devices are very secure devices and therefore the password sharing function is disabled by default and you have to be the one to activate it to carry it out. To enable this function you have to go to iPhone Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Share Passwords and activate the option “Share passwords” . Of course, you have to make sure that your devices have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and all have the same iCloud session.

  • Add password: After completing the previous step, to do that, you simply have to sign in on your Apple device, be it iPhone, iPad or Mac and save the password that asks you The password will be stored in your iCloud Keychain and automatically synced across all your Apple devices. If you already have passwords saved in iCloud Keychain, you can also share them with other Apple devices.
  • Share password: Once we already have the password on another Apple device, you have to go to Settings on your iPhone, iPad and Mac and select the option “Password and Accounts”. Then, select the password you want to share and tap on the “Share Password” option. A pop-up window will then appear asking you to enter your device password to confirm the action. Once you’ve entered the password, the password will automatically be shared with the device you’ve selected.


  • Accept the shared password: As soon as you receive the passwords, a notification appears on your Apple devices. To accept the shared password, you have to tap on the notification and follow the prompts on the screen to add the password to your iCloud Keychain.

Control access to your shared accounts

You have already seen how easy it is to share passwords, however, access to your shared passwords is also essential to avoid security breaches. For this, you have to go to Settings Passwords and accounts > Share passwords and select the option “Ask for approval before sharing.” This will ensure that any request to share passwords is approved by you before the password is shared.

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Finally, you can revoke access to a shared account. To do this, from Settings of your Device > Passwords & Accounts > App and website passwords, find the password you want to revoke and swipe left. Then tap the option “Eliminate” to remove the password and revoke access to it.

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In short, sharing accounts is a very interesting way to access all your accounts from different devices without having to remember each password individually. However, it is important to control access to your shared passwords to protect your accounts and ensure your security.