How to translate WhatsApp messages on an iPhone

WhatsApp has become the communication tool par excellence. The vast majority of people have this application installed on their smartphone. Now, what happens if they speak to you in another language? Nothing happens, because you can translate WhatsApp messages quickly and easily.

exist several methods to be able to have a conversation in another language through WhatsApp and without dying in the attempt. And it is that you will not need to have complex applications installed on your iPhone, although it is true that the easiest method is to install a new virtual keyboard that speeds up conversations in another language. But, we are going to explain the different methods to translate WhatsApp messages from an iPhone.

Google translate logo

We are not going to fool you: unfortunately, in WhatsApp we will not be able to resort to many options to be able to translate WhatsApp messages when we are in a conversation. What’s more, we can make use of two applications to carry out the translation without leaving the instant messaging service. The third option will have to resort to the typical ‘Copy and paste’. But let’s see what options we have.

Translate WhatsApp messages using Google’s virtual keyboard

Normally, this keyboard is installed on mobile devices that use Android, whether they are a smartphone or a tablet. Now, in the case of the Apple phone things change. Although turning to the App Store we will have it solved. All you have to do is search for ‘Gboard’ and install the application.

How to use Gboard to translate WhatsApp messages on an iPhone

Gboard on iPhone to translate WhatsApp messages

Once installed on your terminal, you must go to ‘Settings’ of the phone, slide the menu to the last part and look for the section that refers to this application. Upon entering, look in the last part for the subsection that says ‘Keyboard‘. Come in and Activate the two options that are presented to you: ‘Gboard’ and ‘Allow full access’.

You will now have the keyboard ready to be used whenever you want and in any application, be it a social network, a browser, from the email manager you use and, of course, from WhatsApp. From now on, when the virtual keyboard of the iPhone is launched, you will notice that something new has been added. Indeed, it’s a button with the big ‘G’ for Google. By pressing it, you will discover a new menu in which, among other things, the Google translator will appear.

To use and translate all messages in WhatsApp you must directly write the messages in the enabled box –and that you will be able to see in the screenshots that we attach to this article–, having to first indicate the language in which it should be translated and, if you prefer, also the language of origin.

Once you have finished writing what you need to say on WhatsApp, press the virtual key on the keyboard that indicates ‘Translate’. You will see that the text will have been translated directly by placing it in the box to be sent through the instant messaging application.

Now, if what you need is to translate the message of your interlocutor, you must mark the received message first, make the Gboard keyboard appear, and paste your message into the box that says ‘Type or paste text’. After pasting the message, the translation will appear automatically and you will be able to continue the conversation without leaving the WhatsApp application.

But, as we have already mentioned, having this keyboard active at all times, you can use it from wherever you want and from any application to be able to have much more fluid conversations, even if the language used is not your original language.

Gboard – the Google keyboard (AppStore Link)

Translate Now – a virtual keyboard that also allows you to translate WhatsApp messages directly

App Translate Now, translator on WhatsApp

translate now It is an application that you can find in the App Store. It works in a very similar way to Gboard, although we are not just talking about a virtual keyboard, but it is a powerful translation tool to be used at any time, either through an image or used as a conversation tool.

But what really matters to us is that Translate Now you can translate WhatsApp messages directly from the application and without using ‘copy and paste’. That is, we can write directly in the language that we choose. To do this, do the following:

    1. download the app
    2. Go to ‘settings’ of the iPhone and look for the ‘Translate Now’ application among all the installed ones
    3. Inside, in the ‘Keyboard’ section, you must activate and allow the options ‘Translate now’ and ‘Allow Full Access’
    4. Now you will have a new active keyboard in your favorite applications. And, of course, WhatsApp will be one of them.

Using ‘Translate Now’ is very similar to ‘Gboard’. We will have to activate the new virtual keyboard when we go to write in WhatsApp. Likewise, we must configure the input language and the output language. And the application will automatically translate your texts for hold conversations in 110 different languages.

Translator - Translate Now (AppStore Link)

Translate WhatsApp messages using the native iPhone translator

Translate WhatsApp messages with iOS translator

If you have explored a bit the applications that you have installed on your iPhone, you will have noticed that one of them is a translator. Now, we want to tell you that this is somewhat more complicated and less agile than using the previous application. Furthermore, we could tell you that the iPhone Translator is a good option to have conversations, face to face.

However, if you want to use this native iOS app on WhatsApp, you will have to copy and paste, as if it were a conventional translator. Now, if it is not to have a conversation and what you want is only to send a single response in another language, it can also be a solution compared to Gboard, the previous option that we proposed. Of course, in this case you will have to go jumping from one application to another.

Using Translator for a face-to-face conversation

But, as we mentioned before, If the conversation is kept outside of WhatsApp and face to face, this iPhone translator is a very good solution, because you will not need two terminals. The latter is achieved like this:

  • Enter the Translator app
  • Click on the optionConversation‘ which you will find at the bottom of the screen
  • Next, on each side of the virtual microphone, you will have two small icons available: the one on the right side with three dots allows you to mark the options to detect language, automatic translation, and reproduce translations. The icon on the left side –which is the one that interests us–, when we press it we will have two options to place the layout on the screen: parallel or face to face. By pressing the latter, you will see that the screen is divided in two and places each part of it focused on each of the interlocutors of the conversation
Translate (AppStore Link)