How to turn off the camera sound when taking a photo on the iPhone

There is nothing more annoying than those iPhone noises that appear at the least opportune moments. Like, for example, when you are in class and you want to take a photo of the blackboard… And the bell rings! shutter of the iPhone! And, like this situation, there are many others that can put you in a commitment at the worst possible moment.

It is true that there are some iPhones that will not allow you to mute this sound. All those sold in Japan, For example, they will ring even if you put it in silent mode, and it will not allow you to regulate the sound. This is because there is a law in the country that requires this to be the case. Luckily, in Europe there has been no legislation regarding this (because there has been no need), and we can mute iPhone shutter.

Change the volume in iPhone Photo mode

Do you want to silence it, or do you just want it sound less? If what you need is to lower the volume, but not eliminate it completely, we show you how to do it:

  • First of all, you must go to the application Camera and select the Photo mode.
  • Once you have done this, just open the control center and slide the sound bar up or down. And ready! And you can even lower it completely.

This trick is only useful if you have your phone in sound mode; in silent mode, as a rule, will not make any sound. It also won't make noise if you have the Live Photos, For example. At least, not in most countries, since Japan remains an exception. That is, another way to silence the shutter is to have Live Photos active, and this way you will get rid of the sound! Although, of course, that implies that the format of the photo will change.

Don't worry if you want to activate Live Photos to get rid of the sound, but then you prefer to have them in normal format. If you go to the gallery, you can disable this effect In a simple way.

How to silence the iPhone shutter

Although if there is a simple way to completely silence this sound, it is put your phone on silent mode. Depending on the iPhone model you have, it will be set one way or another. Virtually all iPhone models have a switch which will allow you to put it in silent mode, and which is located on the left side of the device. As easy as moving the tab!

mute shutter sound iphone

He iPhone 15 Pro and its Max version do not have the famous mute switch, but rather an action button. In that case, you will have to configure to make it work this way. Or you can use the control Panel to lower the volume, as we have indicated previously; If you turn it down to minimum, the shutter won't sound either.

So, recapitulating, we have three alternatives to mute Camera sound on iPhone:

  • Activate the Live Photos.
  • Lower the multimedia volume.
  • Or put your cell phone on silent mode.

Choose the one that best suits you at all times, and take photographs without making noise!