How to use AirDrop on Windows PC

AirDrop is an old acquaintance of Apple users. It is the easiest way to share all kinds of files between computers on the bitten apple. However, Can AirDrop be used on Windows PC? Now we will explain the easiest way to perform this step between an iPhone or iPad and a computer based on the Microsoft operating system.

The year 2011 was coming. Apple launched with its teams a function that lasts to this day. It is used massively among Mac, iPhone and iPad users. Indeed, this function is called AirDrop and it is one of the services that users of other operating systems most desire. Now, it is very possible that you have an iPhone but that is not why you want -or need- a computer based on MacOS. Is there an alternative to share files with a Windows computer without using a cable? The answer is yes.

The truth is the iPhone is one of the best-selling mobiles on the market. And this is not what we say from Actualidad iPhone, but the sales figures are what they reveal: 8 out of 10 computers sold is an iPhone model. However, Windows is perhaps the most widely used desktop operating system in the world.. Lenovo is the company with the largest market share in this sector. But surely, the professional and business sector have a lot to do in this regard.

Share AirDrop files on Windows PC

And the possibility of being able to easily share files between our teams is something that users look for every day. Since the year 2011, AirDrop facilitates this task between users of the Apple ecosystem. And it is that finding this function in the ‘share’ menu and having to do without cables or sending attachments in emails, is a relief. And with users who combine both ecosystems -Apple and Microsoft-, what solutions are available to them?

Is there AirDrop for Windows?

Unfortunately, AirDrop as a feature is not available for use outside of the Apple ecosystem. Those from Cupertino have already taken care of creating this service in a closed way and that no other team that does not carry their operating systems could take advantage of it. AirDrop works through Bluetooth and by proximity. In other words, when you activate the function and want to share a file, only the devices that are close to you will appear among the devices available for sharing.

Therefore, using AirDrop as such with a Windows computer is not possible. Now, are there alternatives as valid as this function? Yes, and it’s also free. But we’ll see later.

Google launches the alternative for Windows in 2023: this is how Nearby Share was born

Nearby Share for Windows, alternative to AirDrop

Ok, we put ourselves in a situation and we no longer say for reasons of taste about one operating system or another, but for work reasons -usually due to the use of some software which is only available in Windows-, the alternative that you use in your day to day is Windows. However, instead of a mobile with iOS you have an Android. Good, Google introduced Nearby Share in 2020 and it would be used to pass documents between Android devices, although it promised a version for Windows devices. And it has not gone until this year 2023 when the beta version appeared for download.

This function works the same as AirDrop but outside of the Apple ecosystem. In other words, you can share any type of file between an Android mobile and a Windows computer. What’s more, entering Nearby Share for Windows you can choose to receive files from everyone, from your contacts or only from your devices.

For this app to work you must enter the data of your Google account that you want to associate with this service. Once this is done, you will see that in the option to receive files from your devices, only the computers that are logged in with the Google account that you have previously chosen will work.

If you want to try this option, first try downloading it from the application’s official website. In case this doesn’t work, since the distribution in certain regions is being complicated, you should try a VPN. But although this solution is very good, we continue with the same problem: we are not going to be able to use an iPhone or an iPad to transfer files.

Snapdrop – The Best Alternative to Use AirDrop on Windows PC

Snapdrop, an alternative to AirDrop for Windows

However, we arrived at the definitive solution to be able to share files with whatever computer it is and using whatever operating system you use. This alternative is called Snapdrop. Is about a website to share files anonymously between devices that are on the same network. To give you an example: that they are using the same WiFi network. In this way we save ourselves from having to receive files from strangers at any time.

On the other hand, the next requirement to be able to use this service is that both computers that are going to share a file must enter the Snapdrop page. And of course, Do not close the browser tab at any time during the process. Done, you can use it. In the same way, we are going to explain how it works step by step:

  • Enter the Snapdrop website with the first team -the one that will send the file to share-
  • Now, from the receiving device -in this case it can be a computer with Windows, MacOS, an Android mobile, an iPhone, etc.- also open the Snapdrop service
  • The teams close to you should appear to be able to share. Select one of them
  • Now a menu will open on the sending device, search your file browser for the document, image, etc., that you want to share and click on it
  • The receiving computer will automatically receive the file and it will let you preview the file -here it will depend on whether it is an image or another type of document- and it will give you the option to save it in your memory or discard the download

that simple is power share files between your computers without having to use cables or download third-party applications which, perhaps, entail some extra expense such as a monthly subscription. Similarly, if you know more methods for this task, we would appreciate it if you share them in the comments.