How to use Micro SD cards with the iPhone?

Yes, it is possible to make our iPhone have the ability to read and write to SD and microSD cards, which can be very useful in different situations, especially if we want to transfer files directly from our iPhone.

How do I add the SD card to my iPhone or iPad?

Nowadays, most of us use iCloud or other cloud storage services, including portable SSDs. Still, SD and microSD cards still maintain their importance as they are used in most cameras, from drone cameras to regular cameras, and many Android devices also still have microSD card slots. Even Apple reintroduced the SD card reader in the MacBook Pro in 2021, which makes us think that it is a component still used by many users.

Adding an SD or microSD card reader to our iPhone or iPad is a simple process unlike what many may think. The first step is to acquire an SD/microSD card reader. If your iPhone or iPad has a USB-C port, you are more likely to have a compatible adapter at home, if your iPhone or iPad still works via Lightning then you will have to look for a compatible adapter that you can probably find in the store official from Apple, you can also look at options in stores like Amazon that may be cheaper. On the other hand, for devices with a USB-A connector, an adapter is required, which is generally easy to find.

Transfer speed

Data transfers from card to iPhone may vary in speed. Most readers of correct quality should take about half a second on average to transfer a 1 GB file from a microSD card to an iPhone.

Standard USB card readers require no additional software and can be seamlessly integrated with the native app Files of iOS and iPadOS. However, SD/microSD card readers for Lightning usually use their own file management applications which could be somewhat cumbersome.

The offer of SD/microSD card readers for iPhone is quite extensive in third-party stores such as Amazon. Our recommendation is that you use an official adapter to ensure that everything works as well as possible.


Practical uses of connecting microSD or SD cards to iPhone

Connecting microSD or SD cards to the iPhone opens up a range of possibilities. First of all, it offers a solution to transfer files between devicess, especially when it comes to drone cameras, action cameras like GoPro or Insta Go or classic cameras and other devices that use these memory cards.

Backup capacity is also maximized by connecting an SD card to the iPhone. Apps like OWC’s Copy That allow you to backup all images on the device directly to the memory cardproviding an additional layer of security and making it easier to manage large amounts of data.

In situations where the connection to the cloud may be limited, Having the option to use memory cards could be an advantage for many users. Whether for photography and video professionals or for users who want to keep their memories backed up. Being able to give our iPhone the opportunity to read and write to SD/microSD cards significantly expands its functionalities. Although the Apple ecosystem is designed for simplicity and what this does is generate greater complexity, there are times when this feature can be useful to us.