How to use Microsoft Copilot on Mac?

Among these systems, the Microsoft Copilot application is one of the most important, a productivity tool designed to simplify tasks thanks to its integration with Bing AI search. If you want to know how to use Microsoft Copilot on the Mac, below we are going to show you the steps to follow to achieve this.

The evolution of virtual assistants

The chatbots Artificial intelligence technologies have become a common tool for interacting with artificial intelligence systems, providing instant and personalized responses for users. These systems vary from specialized applications on specific topics to more general solutions. Microsoft Copilot falls within the latter category, offering a generalist approach with the ability to address queries of different types by integrating with Bing AI.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Copilot goes beyond the basic functionality of a chatbot, incorporating Generative AI to facilitate creative and organizational tasks, from programming to music composition, organizing information and more. This ability to perform different types of tasks efficiently not only saves time but also enriches the creative process of users.

One of the advantages of Microsoft Copilot is its ability to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft applications. Microsoft 365, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This allows users to empower these commonly used tools, such as Word, with the advanced capabilities of AI, facilitating a wide range of tasks, from writing documents to analyzing data and presenting information.

How to start using Microsoft Copilot?

To start using Microsoft Copilot, users can visit the official website and sign in with their Microsoft account to customize the experience. In addition to the web version, Copilot is available for macOS through the App Store.

Versions and prices

Microsoft Copilot offers a free basic version, with subscription options for Copilot Pro including performance improvements and additional features, especially useful during periods of high demand. The choice between the different subscription options will depend on the specific needs of each user or company.

Copilot on Mac

Incorporating chatbots and AI assistants into our daily routines and workflows is just in its infancy. As these technologies continue to learn and expand their knowledge base, their accuracy and usefulness can only increase. Being able to incorporate Microsoft Copilot to your Mac is now possible and requires a very easy and simple process as we have already seen. If you want to start enjoying Microsoft artificial intelligence on your Mac, visit the App Store, download the App and improve your workflow for free thanks to Bing AI.