How to use OwlCleaner to keep your Mac clean and fast

The Mac OS operating system has been improving and being optimized with the passing of the different updates, the last one known up to now as stable is version 13 nicknamed Ventura. Like other systems, this one needs from time to time to use a tool with which to clean it.

Optimization is usually done with internal and external applications, sometimes the first is not enough if you want to get the best results in the vast majority of cases. Different programs have been appearing for Apple’s desktop software, one of the most effective currently is the utility OwlCleaner.

OwlCleaner is one of the few apps ready for the Mac OS Aventura system and Apple M2 processor, perfect if you want to do both daily and occasional cleaning. What is truly important is that it is also easy to use, not requiring a lot of experience to carry out a first exhaustive analysis.

What is OwlCleaner?

It is a renowned cleaning application for Apple computers under the Mac OS operating system, named as one of the best by experts in the field. this cleanser frees up hard drive space and increases performanceall once the analysis has been carried out using the well-known application.

Other things are added to concrete cleaning, including a app uninstaller, see if you have large files, duplicates, startup items, and toolkit. It shows you all the details exhaustively, giving you the option to delete once the exam is finished, even showing the information of what it is going to delete completely.

OwlCleaner incorporates a tool called OwlCleaner Menu, which is capable of optimization in a little less than a few minutes, being really easy to execute. It hardly consumes resources, which makes it a light and important app, being recommended if you have both version 13 and earlier on that computer. Removal is done with just one tap, taking just a few seconds for this well-known optimizer.

Uninstall apps you don’t use quickly

One of the options of BuhoCleaner is to be able to delete those applications that you are not using Throughout the use of Mac Os 13 Aventura, it is also adaptable to other versions of the system, in case you want to install and start removing those things that you do not use and consume lightly in the background, both memory and resources for Mac OS system.

Once you remove an application it will do it completely, leaving nothing unnecessary from it, the folders will not appear again, nor will the icon on the desktop and in the shortcut menu. Given its capacity, it will delete those malicious, persistent and annoying tools that we have on the device under the Mac OS.

It adds the deep uninstallation of more than 100 apps, including the ones you have pre-installed, even giving the option that they do not start again at the start of this system. It is personalized, so you have an easy solution if you want to take them off and not consume at any time.

Increases the speed of the operating system

OwlCleaner has been created and designed to speed up mac computercausing the RAM memory to be released, controlling startup services at all times and also deactivating those that start, are hidden, broken and other suspicious ones, which can be removed by the user.

Boot time is essential in Mac Os, it is another thing that speeds up thanks to the elimination of startup agents, deleting those apps that want to start with the OS and more. The Mac computer will be like new and will become much faster than usual thanks to the tools of BuhoCleaner.

Startup is increased by 1.8x on a MacBook Air 13″ (M1, 2020) with BuhoCleaner, having a much faster response time and being effective with the tool installed. On the other hand, you can eventually clean everything that you have duplicated by hand and let the RAM memory flow in its splendor.

A complete Mac monitor


Among his many things, the mac monitor It will reveal details considered important, including CPU usage, CPU temperature, RAM used, the capacity of the SSD if applicable, and the fan speed that the processor will be using specifically on the Mac (tower or laptop).

The design is very careful, both for the monitor and for the app in general, it also usually provides relevant information, the disk used, in case we need to release it, as well as giving other important details. In general, everything will always be done automatically with our permission if you want to delete things, which is one of the normal things in this matter.

Everything is done in real time, in case you want to see if the memory consumption is too high, advisable at least if you want to optimize everything and remove those things that cause the system to overload. Free RAM memory will be done with one clickis one of the things that make it important in BuhoCleaner.

How to use OwlCleaner

The OwlCleaner application is available for the latest version of Mac OS, as well as in the other previous versions, being fully compatible with them. It is available for download on the official website of the developer, which also explains how to uninstall applications on the Mac operating system in this complete tutorial.

Once downloaded we have several options that are located in the menu on the left of the application:

When we click on Quick clean, it will locate all those junk files that we no longer use and that are generated without realizing it, such as the remains of deleted programs or temporary files. Personally, I try to keep my laptop always clean and I was amazed to find that I was able to get rid of almost 4GB of unnecessary files that were present.

As its name suggests, the part of uninstaller It is used to uninstall all those applications that we no longer use and that can slow down your computer. The program shows them to you in order of size and you can select several to eliminate them simultaneously and without waste.OwlCleaner

In the Large Files tab, the program will show you all the files larger than 50MB, so you can also make a selection and delete them automatically. The most comfortable thing about using this tool is that they are separated by file type, so you can locate them quickly.


Another very curious tool of this program is to locate folders and files duplicates. Especially for people who generate thousands of files, and who may have the folders in different locations on the computer, this is a very useful tool, since it locates files of the same size and characteristic, and thus manages to find duplicate files that They are taking up memory unnecessarily.

In startup itemswe can clearly and quickly locate all the applications that run automatically every time we start our Mac, so that we can deselect those that we do not consider interesting and in this way we will make the startup of our computer much lighter and more fluid .


Finally we find the tab Toolkitin which we find a series of tools that are also very useful when it comes to freeing up space on our computer.

With the space analyzer we can see in a very visual way how our files are distributed and the volume it occupies in the total storage, and we will always have the option of selecting the files and folders that we want to do without to free up space. The crusher It is used to safely destroy files that we want to delete, so that we cannot leave any trace. free RAMIt is useful to clean and clear the RAM memory, with this you will be able to optimize performance and make your computer run smoother. Clear the DNS cachebasically serves to make the Internet go faster and the browser’s response is more fluid, eliminating cache remains and DNS records.

Another interesting element that Toolkit has is that of reindex spotlight, or what is the same, the Mac Os file browser. If you notice that this application starts to behave strangely or doesn’t work correctly, with this BuhoCleaner utility the content will be reindexed and it will work perfectly again.

For me, it has undoubtedly been a discovery, I had never used any application to clean my Mac and I highly recommend it, in addition to freeing up a lot of space, I have made my computer respond much faster, both using various programs at the same time, such as browsing the Internet with several tabs open.

BuhoCleaner can be downloaded from the official website of the application, buying it at this link at a 20% discount (in addition to the 30% that appears on the web) for ActualidadIphone readers with the code AI20EN02. Several plans are available, which go through a license with a fixed price, three lifetime licenses and a total of 10 of them, also licensed forever.