The new features of iOS 17 have included many advances such as the arrival of NameDrop or contact cards. However, some of those features can only be used if both people involved have iOS 17 or later installed. It is a way for Apple to ensure that users make use of new updates and that users install them to stay up to date with everything. One of those functions is Notice of Arrival, an integrated tool within Messages which enables perform spontaneous actions when we arrive at a place, a way to guarantee the security of users.

iOS 17 arrival notification, let your friends know when you arrive somewhere

Notice of Arrival It is a new option within iOS 17. But for it to work you need to everyone involved in it has iOS 17 or later versions installed. It is an option integrated into Apple Messages which allows us to automatically notify another person that our iPhone (that is, us) has arrived at a certain location. We can also decide what information we want to show to the recipient as long as we do not reach a certain previously established location. In addition, the recipient, in case we do not reach the location, will be able to consult our location, battery percentage, mobile data and more information.

iOS 17 arrival notice

To configure the function, simply follow the following instructions:

  1. Enter iOS 17 Messages for the first time, enter the conversation of the person you want to automatically notify that you have arrived at a location and press the ‘+’ at the bottom left, scroll down and find the option « Notice of Arrival”.
  2. If you have never opened this function, you will have to configure it by selecting What information do we want to besend in case we don’t reach a point, which we can configure later from the Settings > Messages app.
  3. To begin sending the notification, click ‘Edit’ once we have configured the option and we will have two options:
    • When arrive: Select the destination you are going to, how you are going to travel and add extra time (configurable later) in case you stop or wait for a stop. The iOS 17 arrival notification alerts the recipient that you have stopped for a while, or if you do not arrive at the designated destination at the scheduled time. If you arrive correctly, the recipient also receives a notification.
    • With timer: select a certain time. If you don’t actively end the countdown, iOS 17 will send a notification to the recipient.

If you do not arrive at your destination or cancel the Arrival Notification session and do not respond to Arrival Notification notifications, iOS 17 will send the information about the trip and everything that happened on it to the recipient. This is one of the options included in iOS 17 that allows users to increase security and automatically replaces the mythical ‘Notify me when you arrive’ messages that are usually received. However, the option must be configured correctly to avoid misunderstandings and for it to work perfectly.