How to use the iPhone as a TV remote

The Smart TV They are no longer the traditional televisions where you could only see some television channels. Now, they have become smart televisions that connect to the internet where you can play games, watch movies or series and even surf the internet. In this post, we are going to see how to use the iPhone as a TV remote and fully control your Smart TV and take full advantage of the device that is present in all the living rooms of our houses.

How to control your Smart TV from the iPhone

Before going into detail in the post, it is important to highlight that this method It only works for those Smart TVs. If you have a traditional television, the procedure that we are going to see below is useless. Next, we are going to discuss a free application, a paid application and the native application of Apple that you can use if you have an Apple TV.

Universal Control and Universal Remote Control

This free app from App Store is the best known and most popular to control your smart TV from the iPhone and that is compatible with most television brands. The procedure is extremely simple, you have to open the application and connect both the TV and the application to the same Wi-Fi network. Immediately afterwards, a wide range of televisions appear, where we have to choose the monitor that we want to synchronize with the app.

universal tv remote control
universal tv remote control

There is an alternative to the previous app, although its main difference is that it is a paid app and that, despite the fact that an annual payment, can be a very interesting option and above all, you have a pthree day trial period to see if the application successfully connects to your Smart TV or finds your device. Among its features, it stands out the ease it has when writing from any point, as well as the pAbility to turn the TV on or offbeing its main bulwark, since many apps do not offer this possibility of turning on and only work once the Smart TV is turned on.


Universal remote control
Universal remote control

Apple TV

After having analyzed different alternatives, the most recommended and most effective option is through the Apple TV. If you have an Apple TV and you also have iphoneyou can use the device itself as a Universal remote control and you can do it through the following four steps:

  1. On your iPhone, from the Settings app, tap Control Center and add the Apple TV Remote.
  2. We slide the control center and press the control icon.
  3. We confirm that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. The process would be complete. Now you can control your TV from your iPhone.

problems and tips

If the mentioned application Doesn’t finish syncing between your iPhone and TVthere are alternatives to solve the two most typical connection problems that we are going to analyze below.

  • Download the app for your Smart TV: most manufacturers have their own app in the App Store, to solve doubts or to improve the synchronization or settings of your Smart TV. Therefore, in the event that the aforementioned app does not connect to the iPhone, the solution is probably in the application.
  • WiFi connection: It is important that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and the same line, that is, there will be no connection if one device is connected to the 5G network and another device to the “normal” network