How to watch Netflix without internet on an airplane from the iPhone

If you are on a flight, and you want to watch Netflix but you do not have an Internet connection, here we explain how you can do it with your iPhone, in a very simple way. And it is that, despite the (still in force) obligation to activate Airplane Mode, you can watch Netflix without Internet, from your iPhone and in mid-flight. Although there are certain nuances that you should take into account, we will explain them to you in detail.

So you can download content on Netflix

To be able to enjoy your favorite series or movie on a plane, you will need to have a Netflix plan that supports downloads. A while ago, all three Netflix plans allowed downloads. However, the basic plan with Netflix ads, not only adds ads and removes series from the catalog. It also removes the ability to download content. Therefore, if you want to download content, you will have to contract any of the three higher plans (Basic, Standard or Premium).

Once we are clear about the Netflix plan that allows downloads, now it is the turn to download the content we want. For this, we need our iPhone to be connected to the Internet, either through Wi-Fi or mobile data. If we have a connection, we open the Netflix application and select the series we want. Keep in mind that not all content can be downloaded, so to be sure, you have to see a button that says “Download”.

When we click on the button, we will see a wheel that indicates the download percentage. Once the process is complete, we will see how the word “Downloaded” appears. To see the downloads, you just have to go to the button “Downloads”, which is the last button on the bottom menu bar. Here we will see a list with all the content that we can see offline and we will only have to play it. Keep in mind that the downloads are stored in the iPhone’s memory and, therefore, we will have to be careful if we do not have a lot of memory.

Luckily many flights have Wi-Fi

If you forgot to download content, or you don’t have storage space, many flights already have Wi-Fi on board. Some plans are free and with a limited connection, with which you cannot navigate as if you were doing it on land. However, whether they have paid connection plans, or have free open Wi-Fi, you can also watch Netflix on a plane.

airplane mode iphone

And yes, you may not know it, but with Airplane Mode turned on, you can turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. Mobile data, for security reasons, by interfering with signals that planes need to communicate, are disabled. However, if the connection speed is adequate, you will be able to see your Netflix catalog. In addition, thanks to the fact that the Bluetooth connection is available, you can connect your AirPods or any other Bluetooth headset, to be able to view your content, without disturbing anyone and traveling comfortably. So if you already know how to do this, what do you want to see when you go on a plane?