How to watch YouTube on your Apple Watch (yes, I said Apple Watch)

We are increasingly able to do more and more things with our Apple Watch independently of the iPhone (especially in models with data). if you ever wanted watch YouTube videos on your wrist with your Apple Watch, You are in luck, because we are going to explain step by step how you can do it.

To start this process, you will need to download Hugo Mason’s free WatchTube app (in the Apple Watch App Store, not from the iPhone or iPad since it is not available) since it is essential to follow this process. In fact, it is based on this application. What else do you need to know to be able to watch YouTube on Apple Watch? We’ll tell you then:

What should I know about WatchTube?

  • The app is free and you will be able to find it (as we have commented) only from the Apple Watch.
  • No login required in your YouTube / Google account.
  • Playback will continue in the background (and you can continue listening to the video) even if you turn your wrist and the screen goes to “not on mode”, whether it is Always-On or not. But be careful, if you exit the app by clicking on the Digital Crown, the playback will stop.
  • You can choose videos from YouTube or even search for the one you most want to play.
  • the app itself WatchTube gives you basic video information such as visits, likes, upload date of the video or read the description that the author has included.
  • You can activate subtitles in the video. It won’t be the best for watching video either given the size of the screen.
  • Has its own history to know which ones you have played before or the ones you liked.

So how do I watch YouTube on my Apple Watch?

As we have mentioned, it is essential to have the WatchTube app, so we are going to start the steps required for this:

  1. Download the WatchTube app for free and we open it on our Apple Watch
  2. choose a video (for example the ones suggested from the first screen) and simply touch it to play it.
  3. To see a specific video, we must swipe left and use the search option (entering the name of the video or channel in the same way as on YouTube).
  4. We touch the result that we want from the search and READY! We just have to hit the play button that will appear on the screen.
  5. EXTRA: We can do dDouble click on the screen so that the video occupies the entire screen.

If what you have is a problem with the sound when playing the video, make sure you have connected AirPods or any other bluetooth headset to the Apple Watch through the Control Center since we cannot reproduce sound by the Apple Watch itself as it is restricted by the watchOS itself if they are not voice calls or recorded voice notes.

Now yes, All that remains is to enjoy any YouTube video on your wrist. Anywhere. Any time. no need for iPhone (on data models).

How will my Apple Watch battery behave?

being honest, playing videos on your Apple Watch is not the best option to keep your device alive. It is backed by a “tiny” battery compared to an iPhone or iPad. When you turn your wrist, the watch screen goes black, but the video audio within WatchTube continues to play on the connected Bluetooth headset so if you use it, it can be a way of saving. This is somewhat similar to streaming a song or podcast on your Apple Watch. However, if you press the Digital Crown and exit the WatchTube app, the video and audio stop playing.

The battery will drain exponentially on your Apple Watch, so I would recommend not using this functionality in situations where we won’t be able to charge the Apple Watch for a while. If we want to watch YouTube on our wrist, it will be at the cost of the autonomy of the Apple Watch.