How to write with another font in WhatsApp

When you go into Instagram or Twitter, you often see that there are numerous users who have text in different types of letters, better known as fonts, both on their profiles and in the content they create. That is the moment when you wonder how the hell they managed to do that and what you must do to be able to change the font yourself. But don’t worry, iPhone Update is always here to help you out.

So you can easily use different fonts in WhatsApp directly from your iPhone. Discover this simple trick with us and personalize your WhatsApp messages to the fullest.

We all know that on Android, changing the font of the device is quite simple, almost as easy as installing a pirated application or installing spyware that steals all your data and floods your phone with advertising, but that’s another topic.

Things change when we talk about Apple, We already know that the Cupertino company is rather leery of allowing certain flexibilities in terms of customization, although this is something that has changed a lot (for the better) in recent years, allowing us, even if we wish, to use different fonts for use instant messaging applications.

The most practical way to change the font we use on our iPhone is to install a third-party keyboard, that is, a keyboard application that replaces the standardized keyboard that Apple introduces by default on our iPhone.

To do this, we simply go to the iOS App Store and do a quick search, with the text “keyboard” a fairly wide list of options will appear, we recommend Font Keyboard, which is a completely free application, although as you well know, you will find numerous payment options or with integrated purchases throughout the iOS App Store, we leave that to your choice, first we want to teach you the most basic.

Now we will simply follow the following route: Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards. Here we are going to select the keyboard that we have decided to add by installing it from the iOS App Store, and among the options that it offers us, we are going to activate the following: Allow full access.

Now simply when you go to write a message, click on the button in the lower right corner, which simulates a globe, and select the keyboard that you have added, in this way the new font will appear and you can use it whenever you want.