I always thought the Apple ecosystem was a hoax until I bought these products

16-inch MacBook Pro M3 Pro

Most users say that they have become a fan of the bitten apple thanks to the iPhone, but I will always say that I bit the apple thanks to the super minimalist design of the 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Since that day, the Mac has always had a special place in our hearts, and we look forward to the June Keynotes, where the macOS operating system is presented and, sometimes, a new Mac with new Silicon or new features in terms of hardware. Therefore, the basis of our ecosystem is the Mac, especially after the acquisition of the latest model launched by Cupertino, which gives us the power, performance and autonomy that we need in a life in constant mobility.

Apple Watch Series 9

Apple Watch Series 9

The second great product that makes up our ecosystem is the Apple Watch Series 9. When users say that it is the best complement to the iPhone, they are very right, because thanks to it, we manage to disconnect from the iPhone a little. By having access to all notifications on the watch, we can discern which ones need an immediate response and which ones can wait.

The latter is especially useful in the Spark application, because you can quickly view and respond to emails that are priority thanks to the evolutionary leap of the Dictation function.

iPhone 15 and AirPods 3

Second generation AirPods

The Apple Watch needs an iPhone and the iPhone needs an Apple Watch. In September 2023, we are renewing the iPhone performance jump that we noticed was not as big as we expected at first. Consequently, this device has become a dispensable option. While the series 9 with its dictated function, better screen and processor makes it worth purchasing an iPhone 15, this change is not highly recommended if you already have an iPhone 12 or 13.

To enrich the entire ecosystem, we have the third generation AirPods, headphones that are very similar to the second generation AirPods, offering much higher audio quality, but a step below the second generation AirPods Pro. However, the ear pads do not sit completely correctly on the hearing surface, which is why we opted for the intermediate generation, which has a lower price.

In conclusion, we must highlight the importance of iCloud, Apple's cloud, which acts as a link between all the company's teams and allows not only a union between different teams, but the possibility of working anywhere and having access to all the information without having to load accessories. It is true that the default option is too limited, with only 5 GB of free storage. However, the 200 GB option is the most recommended of all, as long as you have the basic Apple One option. With this formula, the storage amounts to 250 GB, which is double that of the iPhone 15 and half that of our MacBook Pro.