I bet you don't know this trick to find your iPhone when you're in the dark

Surely you know the “ping” function to make a sound on the iPhone from the Apple Watch. However, today we want to show you an even more unique way to find your iPhone using the Apple Watch in the dark.

Among all the features of the Apple Watch, there is a particularly useful function. It's all about the ability to locate your lost iPhone. Let's see how to configure these settings so that it is also easier to locate the iPhone when we are in the dark.

Locate your iPhone during the day

The most basic and well-known function to find your iPhone is sending a sound signal or “ping” from your AppleWatch. When you access the Control Center of your watch and touch the iPhone icon, it will make a sound that will help you locate the iPhone more easily. This is one of the functions most used by users of both devices. To make the search even more effective, you can also follow these tips:

  • Repeat the sound– If you don't find your phone right away, tap the icon again to send another beep and move around the space you're in.
  • Silence: Reduces any background noise to better hear the sound signal.
  • Mobility: If you can hear the sound coming from your iPhone but from a distance, move around the space to adjust your location based on the intensity of the sound.

Locate your iPhone when you're in the dark

Finding your iPhone in the dark can be a little more complicated than in broad daylight. However, the Apple Watch has a solution, it consists of activate the LED flash of your iPhone remote form. As? Well, you just have to press and hold the iPhone icon in the Control Center of your watch. At that point, you'll not only send a beep or “ping,” but you'll also make your phone's flash flash, offering a visual cue to find it in the dark.

As before, to ensure that this function is as effective as possible, you can keep these tips in mind:

  • Open spaces: Avoid searching in closed spaces where the LED flash may be obstructed.
  • Repetition– As with the audible “ping” signal, if you don't initially see the flash, try activating the function again and looking in another direction.
  • Patience– Give the flash time to activate, especially if your iPhone is in low power mode as it may respond more slowly.

iphone flash light

Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone up to date

Make sure both your Apple Watch and iPhone are using the latest version of software. Updates often include improvements to security and location features, ensuring that you have access to functions and features like this one that help us locate the Apple Watch during the day and also at night.

The ability to locate your iPhone using the Apple Watch is a very useful feature that makes things easier for us on a daily basis. Whether it's a beep during the day or an LED flash in the dark, this feature ensures you can always find your iPhone when you need it most.