I bought a MacBook Air M2 with the M1, is it worth the change?

Well, until yesterday, I was the owner of a MacBook M1with 4 years of extensive use, however, now I write from an M2, and many of you will wonder the reason for the change, and if it is really worth doing it, since there are differences in price.

Is the Mac M2 better than the M1?

Well, this question is absurd, because of course a newer model is going to be better, however, the price difference is about 100 or 200 euros, and for that value, and having an M1, is it advisable to change it?

In my opinion, no, if you really already have an M1 MacBook, purchasing an M2 is a bit absurd, since you will lose a lot of money and the advantages are not absolutely essential, however, in my case, the change is due first to work, and secondly out of necessity, since if a family member, partner, or friend is looking for a new computer, the sale or exchange can be a great advantage, especially for you.

What differences have I noticed?

If the change from M1 to M2 does not involve a great cost, or you see it as a good opportunity, I will tell you that I have noticed differently, so that you can be a little clearer if it is really worth it, or because of the difference, it is better not to do it.

First of all, your screenand look, the M1 has it very well, however, the M2 surpasses it, and by far, both in quality and size, due to the much more compact edges, and a notch that, despite not being to my liking , makes us have a greater field of vision in the same dimensions.

His charger, and I missed being able to power my Mac through a magnetic cable, because I'm a little clumsy, and I'm always tripping over it. The M1 only supported USB-C, and now I can also do it magnetically, so if I trip, it will just disconnect, without knocking the computer on the ground.

macbook air m2 apple

A processor more powerful, and although for now I have not been able to put it to the test, the M1 was Apple's first own CPU, and despite it being very good, we all know that the second versions improve, a lot, so I expect great performance, for a similar price.

In addition, other aspects such as faster charging, better sound, or a Full HD camera, compared to the 720 of the previous one, make the M2 not just another model. I see greater differences than the iPhone 13 with the 14, or the 15, where you don't have as many significant changes.

In summary, if you have the option of purchasing an M2, despite already having an M1, you will notice the change, and although it is not the most recommended if you are not going to take advantage of the M1 for a friend or family member, it is true that if you do, you will not regret.