I bought the Apple Watch for this and now it doesn’t work for me Wtf!

The Apple Watch is the ideal complement for your iPhone and for your Apple ecosystem, but it is not only useful for that, it is also the best friend for when you go to play sports. One of the reasons I bought this device is to count calories for my favorite sport. However, I discovered that Apple has not included one of the most popular sports in the world. A Fitness app that doesn’t have Fitness? Let’s see it below.

A disappointment in capital letters

In September 2020, Apple introduced Apple Fitness+, an application that offers the majority of workouts available worldwide and that you can enjoy them easily and simply. In a fairly summary way, the aforementioned application offers several videos with professional trainers who give you instructions on how to do a specific exercise. It’s like a personal trainer.

Theoretically, Fitness+ is an application that theoretically includes all the sports in the world. Well, it is seen that fishing or Pickleball is more important than Padel, one of the sports that does not stop growing throughout the world and that, today, has had great development in Spain, South America and other countries such as Qatar, Sweden or Norway.

The tennis option is not worth it to me

Last week, I went to play a game of paddle tennis with my friends for two hours with a game that has a medium-high intensity. Some of them are federated and play quite well and I, well, I’m interested and I defend myself quite well.

Whenever I had played paddle tennis I had never worn my Apple Watch for fear of getting hit, but the other day I had it on my wrist the moment I entered the court and I wanted to do a test to find out how many calories I consumed during a session of an hour and a half.

The problem started when I realized that the application did not contain the sport of paddle tennis and that the closest thing was tennis or board games. Why doesn’t Apple report the sports it includes? Why not add advanced functions to Apple Fitness so you can configure your favorite sport?

Seeing that it was impossible to count my training, I decided to mark the tennis to see if the results were real. The results were quite disappointing, since during the 120 minutes that the match lasted and with quite close sets, he had consumed about 200 calories.

If we analyze this result, that is, the 200 calories mentioned, I come to the conclusion that if I walk for 35 minutes a day at pace, I almost consume the same amount of energy as if I spend two hours going up and down to the network to try to win the point. .

The Apple Watch will have really misinterpreted the results as a result of the fact that tennis and paddle tennis are extremely different sports and, despite the fact that they are racquet sports, the heat map generated on a paddle tennis court is completely different from the that you have on a tennis court. Apple, offer better features in your Fitness App, please.