I fell in love with working on the Mac again with the MacBook M3 Pro

Since I started using the MacBook Pro M3 for work a month ago, I can say that I have fallen in love with the Mac again in every way. Speed, battery, screen quality, design… the MacBook Pro with the M3 chip has everything that a person who uses their laptop as their main work tool could want.

Below I want to explain to you what things I liked most about the device, what configuration I decided to purchase and why.

With the MacBook Pro M3 at the end of the world

One of the first things that surprised me about the M3 MacBook Pro was its incredible portability. I have talked, on previous occasions, about how important it is for me to choose the right size of laptop according to your needs. The 14-inch MacBook Pro M3 has a slim design and weighs 1.6kg. This laptop is the ideal companion to carry in your backpack when I'm going from one place to another in the city and stopping to work at a coffee shop or the library. It is a great option for those who are constantly on the go.

After using a 16-inch MacBook Pro for four years, I realized that this is an excessive screen size for me. The 14 inches of my current M3 MacBook Pro make it easy to use in tight spaces like coffee shops, airplanes, or trains.

Screen quality is a very important factor when it comes to working on a laptop, especially when most of your work involves sitting in front of it. The 14-inch M3 MacBook Pro does not disappoint in this regard. Equipped with a high-resolution Retina display, this device is a visual delight.

The MacBook Pro M3's Retina display is especially useful for those working with graphic design, video editing, or any task that requires visual precision. The details are impressive, making it easy to edit photos or create content. If you add to this functions like Night Shift or automatic brightness adjustment, then you can't ask for anything more.

The best combination between the M3 chip and the right amount of RAM

I still have two more things to talk about. Two factors that have made me fall in love with the Mac and working with it again. The first of them is speed. An essential aspect for productivity in teleworking. Here I should clarify, explaining that the MacBook Pro M3 that I use has 16GB RAM and this is very noticeable. Of course, it is equipped with a powerful M3 processor Specifically designed to offer incredible performance, this laptop is capable of handling multitasking with ease, rendering in Final Cut or compiling code in Xcode at a good speed.

Combining the M3 processor with an adequate amount of RAM ensures that performance is consistent even when working on projects or with demanding applications.

MacBook m3 vs m3 pro

An all-day battery

Another very important aspect for me is the battery. As I mentioned before, I like to telework with my MacBook Pro M3 from coffee shops or the library. One of the most impressive features of the MacBook Pro M3 is its battery capacity. Although I still carry the charger with me out of habit, it is not necessary for a work day. So this leaves me calmer knowing that wherever I am I don't have to constantly look for outlets or worry if I left the charger at home.

In summary, my personal experience with the MacBook Pro M3 has been very positive. Its portability, screen quality, speed and battery capacity make it an excellent work machine for now.