I have a 15 year old Apple product and it still works as if nothing had happened. Checkmate, obsolescence

Despite the fact that many Apple products that have been out for sale for more than seven years are already obsolete. This does not mean that they are useless or that they stop working. In fact, in this article I am going to tell you about my experience with an Apple product, which was launched in 2007, and in technological terms it continues to work without problems.

One thing is hardware, and the other is software. The product remains fully functional. But the truth is that where I find the biggest limitations is in the area of ​​software. Spoiler: it has the iOS version 3.1.3, when at this point in the movie we are already on iOS 17. But that does not mean that it does not continue to work correctly.

In fact, I'm glad to know that products from 15 years ago still work without problems. And when I say “no problems”, I'm referring to mechanical failures, or the operating system getting stuck doing a task. Do you want to know what jewel I have in my collection? If you are a nostalgic person, grab some tissues, because you might get emotional.

I have the first iPod touch that was launched on the market

And I have it with a box, cables, a support stand, instruction manual and the black cloth to clean it. Am I bragging? Well, maybe I was lucky to find such a second-hand gem. But What I mean by this is that it is complete, and very well cared for. Proof that products can last if you know how to treat them well.

ipod touch 1 accessories

The first generation iPod touch was launched in 2007, the same year in which we were introduced to the original iPhone. Mechanically, everything works correctly. But The truth is that it is obvious that I am looking at a 15-year-old device.

The screen has pixels like tiles, if I compare it to my iPhone. And the interface shows that it is iOS, but with very limited options. Everything has to be done through iTunes, or synchronized with a Windows or Mac computer to import all the songs. Likewise, the applications are very limited and the system functions are only a “demo”, if we compare them with more advanced versions of iOS (it is not necessary to go to iOS 17).

The battery is the only aspect in which it presents the most difficulty. No matter how well everything else works, no battery that is made of lithium is infinite. But given the circumstances, the fact that it charges and stays on is quite an achievement, considering its age.

ipod touch 1 base

In addition, it consumes very few resources, given the options and functions that the system has. For starters, it is not compatible with current Wi-Fi networks. It also doesn't have a camera, so it doesn't have FaceTime. and if we talk about Apple services, not even close.

ipod touch 1 back

It is a trip to the past in which I can experience first-hand how classic technology worked without the facilities of a connected environment. Everything using a computer, and the steps to follow, are many more than what we have today thanks to the facilities of the Internet. A little piece of the history of technology, which not only serves to decorate my bookshelf. But it also continues to work. And let it continue, hey!