I have exchanged the AirPods Pro for the AirPods Pro 2, do I regret it?

The first thing you have to know is the use that I make of my headphonesand it is that despite the fact that I have both the AirPods Pro and the AirPods Max, the ones I use the most on a day-to-day basis are undoubtedly the Pro ones, since they offer that versatility and comfort that only high-end headphones can give you. that size, mainly when using them outside the home.

So much for listening to music, a podcast, going for a run or a walkthe AirPods Pro have always been perfectly adapted to my needs, thanks to three fundamental aspects, the sound they offer, the great noise cancellationthey have and how comfortable they are for me. For this reason, and despite the fact that Apple sold this second version very well, when buying them I was quite skeptical about whether spending 300 euros was really worth it considering that my first generation AirPods Pro continue to work perfectly.

Have I noticed the change?

Obviously I’m not a sound expert, I’m just another user like so many others, but the reality is that you just put on the second generation AirPods Pro and press play on your iPhone, you notice the big improvement in sound quality that Apple has done with these headphones. The jump is quite large, in fact, I would dare to say that if these AirPods Pro 2 improve something significantly, it is in sound quality. There really is a clear evolution and that, of course, is appreciated.

In Noise Cancellation I cannot confirm that they are up to 2 times better, since this is difficult to measure, but again, I can assure you that it has also improved, and beware, this is saying a lot, since the first generation were already one of the best headphones when it comes to noise cancellation. In addition, another aspect that you also notice automatically is the ambient modewhich is now adaptive, providing the ability to hear what is around you much better.

At the level of drums And being very honest, although it is obvious that its autonomy is better, since I never use the headphones for more than 2 or 3 hours, I have not noticed that this increase in battery has an impact on the day to day. Now, what is really a joy to have is the possibility of volume up and down directly from the earpiece pinwithout having to resort to the iPhone or Apple Watch to do so.

AirPods 3

In short, despite the fact that my first generation AirPods Pro work perfectly, taking into account the improvements that the second generation brings and that, after all, it is a device that I use daily, without a doubt the change has been worth itsince they improve what until now was already a true marvel of a product.