I have seen the price of this iPhone 14 and I am infatuated

The iPhone 14, despite the fact that it is a phone that has already been on the market for a year, is still a very good device in many aspects. And if its price is also reduced on Amazon, it becomes a much more worthwhile purchase. So if you want to know why even I am falling in love with it, in this post we show you the offer that is currently available on Amazon.

Would you like to get a 256GB iPhone 14 for just 800 euros? It’s possible! First of all, it is not the base model with 128GB of memory, which is already an extra incentive. So below we are going to tell you which model is at this price.

Refurbished iPhone 14 is now worth less on Amazon

The first factor that lowers the price of the device is that it is based on a phone presented last year. With the iPhone 15 on the table, Apple has significantly lowered what they cost.

Secondly, the fact that it is a refurbished iPhone 14 also lowers its price further. It is important to remember that refurbished phones are those that, having been previously used, are units that are returned or that have been taken to repair centers. Once these are there, a complete tune-up is carried out, and all components that may be defective are replaced.

The model that is on sale is the refurbished iPhone 14 256GB, in Black. This new model costs 959 euros in the Apple Store. However, thanks to these two factors, we find it in the Amazon Renewed section at a price of €809. 150 euros direct discount!

To give you an idea of ​​the offer, the reconditioned iPhone 14 Black 256GB has a price of 799.90 euros. Therefore, for double the internal storage capacity we will be paying only ten euros more.

If you want to save even more, you have other models

The model that we have shown you is not the only one. If your goal is to save as much as possible on your phone purchase, there are two refurbished models with 128GB storage that are also now on sale.

These are the colors Blue and Product(RED). These cost 829 euros on Amazon Renewd, but thanks to the discount, they are now only 729 euros. 100 euros less!

The iPhone 14 is still an excellent device. To begin with, its dual camera system will allow us to record video and take high-resolution photos. For its part, the Apple A15 processor will give us excellent performance.


If we want this phone to last as long as possible, we can rest assured: It supports iOS 17, and it will continue to be updated for at least three or four more years. So, not only are we going to have a reliable phone, but we are also going to be able to enjoy it for longer, paying much less than what it originally cost.