I haven't turned off my Mac in 3 years. Is it bad not to do it?

And in the end most of us do that, but is it bad in the long run? Doing it for a few days may be fine, however, I have been like this for 3 years, without ever turning it off, I don't even think I have used the “off” button on this model. Could I be messing it up?

Is it bad to never turn off a Mac?

Well, this will depend a lot on the way you use it and the way you treat it. When suspending a Mac, that is, lowering the lid and not turning it off completely, the components that would be working mainly, so that you do not lose your information, would be the battery and RAM.

As for RAM, today they are manufactured for this type of work, so, unless your Mac has been like this for more than 10 years, there should not be any problem, and even if it were to break down over time, For many years, it is one of the cheapest components to replace, however, it should not even happen.

Regarding the battery, yes we can talk about a degradationand the fact is that, by having the computer suspended, it will be consumed (although very slowly), and this, after many years, can mean many charging cycles, so it is likely that it will not last as long. which it should, and after 3 years, as happens to me, it would be time to change it, and it is precisely not a very cheap component, especially if you do it in the official store.

Although there is a very simple solution for this, and that is to use the charger more regularly, leaving the Mac plugged into the power if we know that it will be on the desk waiting for us for a long time. At least I have the habit of leaving it like this on the weekend, which is when, on most occasions, I don't even use it. However, it remains suspended and ready in case I need to use it quickly. And also, by picking it up on Monday I make sure that it will have 100%.

Mac Charger

That is, in response to the main question, No, it is not bad to have your Mac always on or in sleep, without turning it off, although it is clear that if you are going to go away for several days, it is better that you turn it off, since you will ensure that the life of the RAM as well as the battery is longer, giving the equipment a rest.

And you, are you one of those who never turn off your laptop like me, or, on the contrary, do you not like to leave it suspended?, even though it is the most convenient thing that exists and one of the best functions that Macs have, since It seems that it is always on, having such a quick reaction when raising the lid, you will not even have time to check that it was really at rest.