I returned my Apple Watch Ultra for this reason

Last September, Apple added a new Apple Watch model to the catalog of watches available to users in Apple Stores, whether physical or online. This is the Apple Watch Ultra, priced at 999 euros and focused on users who do extreme sports, but is it worth it for a “normal” user? I have been using it for weeks and in this post I tell you about my experience.

Before going fully into telling you about my experience with this Apple watch, I think the best thing to do is to put you in context a bit. I am an Apple Watch user since the first version, and so far, I’ve been using the Series 7 since the day it was released. For me it has become an indispensable device on a day-to-day basis, since with it I am able to monitor my sleepkeep track and measure my different sport activities as well as my daily activity and, of course, also manage in a much more efficient way all the notifications that go into the iPhone.

The points that I highlight

There is no doubt that the Apple Watch Ultra is a piece of device, in fact, wherever you look at it, you will find very outstanding aspects that make any user fall in love, starting with the design, which considering that it is the first time that the Cupertino company has really modified it on the Apple Watch. Out there, it already wins over many users who are tired of always seeing the same thing on their wrists.

In addition to this, the increase in size also implies having a much larger screen, which reaches up to the 49mmwith a top gloss that of any other model, it reaches 2000 nits, and making the Apple Watch spheres shine brighter than ever, this together with some edges that hug and protect this screen from possible blows. Now, surely the point that stands out the most and that is also derived from the increase in size is the drums. With this Apple Watch you can forget about the charger for 2 days, offering up to 48 hours of autonomy, without taking into account that you can activate the saving mode that further increases this autonomy.

The reason I returned the Apple Watch Ultra

Surely, if you have read all the positive points that I have drawn from this Apple Watch Ultra, you will wonder what is the reason that led you to return it. Well, the reality is that even though it is a product that offers a very complete user experienceis designed and manufactured for a very specific type of user, who are really the ones who take advantage of all those novelties that this Apple Watch has on a day-to-day basis and that are focused on its use in sports activities such as scuba diving or mountain sports.

Apple Watch Ultra + iPhone

Functions such as the immersion app or the possibility of making routes back on your steps, do not make much sense in my day to day. That is why there comes a time when you realize that the only thing that makes this Apple Watch different from other recent models is the design, and above all Battery. If you add to this reflection that the price of this device, 999 euros, causes the decisionsurely more appropriate is to keep my Apple Watch Series 7 until Apple launches a renewal that is really worthwhile for this model, which is expected to be the Series 9 next year.