Apple has spent years defending privacy and making tools and options for the user to guarantee the protection of their data. Not just theirs but their kids, for example, with the latest parental control features. However, the flagship tool arrived barely a month ago with the release of iOS 16.2 and iCloud advanced data protection. An extension of the end-to-end encryption of almost everything in iCloud that allowed users exclusive access to their information, no one else could access it in any way. That bundle of privacy tools will now expand to more countries with the arrival of iOS 16.3 in the coming weeks.

Stronger encryption and more user security with iCloud Advanced Data Protection

iCloud Advanced Data Protection is a optional configuration offering the highest level of data security in the Apple cloud. When this function is activated, the vast majority of data stored in your iCloud account is end-to-end encrypted ynNo one else can access that data, not even Apple, and this data remains secure even in the event of a data breach in the cloud. We say that the vast majority because there are some data exempt from this security: iCloud Mail, Contacts and Calendar.

This is so because many third-party applications or companies need to use these platforms for their proper functioning. When advanced data protection is activated access to your account information through is also disabled to guarantee that the data can only be visible from your devices.

New advanced encryption feature in iCloud

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The availability of this option It arrived a month ago with iOS 16.2 in the United States and Apple assured that it would reach the rest of the world at the beginning of 2023. In fact, It will be with iOS 16.3, in the coming weeks, when this advanced data protection will reach more countries Still not confirming which ones. One more piece of information: all the devices of a user that have this function activated must be updated to the software compatible with this tool. This is: iOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3, macOS 13.2, tvOS 16.3 and watchOS 9.3.

And you, will you activate this advanced data protection on your devices as soon as iOS 16.3 is available?