iOS 16 Will Not Launch With iCloud Shared Photo Library

As opposed to when the mobile operating system update will be released on September 12th, Apple is delaying the release of the iCloud Shared Photo Library feature in iOS 16, noting that it is “coming later this year.”

Recently, it was published on Apple’s official website that the iCloud Shared Photo Library in iOS 16 is “Coming later this year.” Not only that but the iPadOS 16.1 upgrades for Apple tablets running the new version of iOS 16 will also be delayed. The new iCloud Shared Photo Library function for iOS 16, which was supposed to go live on Monday, September 12, looks to have been postponed by Apple.

iCloud Shared Photo Library Will Be Launched After iOS 16

Up to five users will be able to instantly share a collection of images when the feature first launches. Additionally, there will be a choice to add only certain persons, only certain dates, or all of the user’s personal library’s images.

With this functionality, users will have equal access to all types of modifications, such as adding, editing photographs, removing photos, and adding custom captions.

Apple has previously postponed a similar software feature. Without SharePlay, Find My Support for AirPods, and Universal Control, iOS 15 was released last year. Later, each feature was unveiled one at a time. However, there aren’t many things in iOS 16 that will be delayed this time. A new feature of the iPhone 14 this time around is that users living in the US will not receive the smartphone with a SIM card tray in addition to this minor software upgrade. Instead, Apple users will be able to simultaneously use two eSIMs.