A few days ago Apple officially launched the new and redesigned iCloud online platform accessible through iCloud.com. A good way to have control of all cloud services in one place, as well as access email, iWork suite programs and much more. But today we wake up with the news that some users are viewing their iCloud Gallery on Windows images and videos that are not theirs. Also, owners of some iPhones they don’t see their synced videos correctly. The first problem is a serious security problem if confirmed by Apple, although there is no official information so far.

Security problem? iCloud for Windows shows worrying errors

The information comes from the user forums of the MacRumors medium. Apparently some users are experiencing a series of problems from the app iCloud for Windows. On the one hand, the videos recorded with the iPhone 14 Pro Max (and some other device) when uploading to the Apple cloud appear black with black lines that prevent the video from being fully seen.

Secondly, And it really is the most worrying thing. is that some users are seeing how images from unknown sources appear that they do not recognize as their own. That is, images of family photos, day to day, children or sports that are not yours which could indicate, although it is not confirmed, that would be photographs of other users that are sneaking into other people’s accounts.

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this mistake seems to affect both Windows 10 and Windows 11 and specifically to those users who have their iCloud photo library configured with the activation of multimedia content under HDR and HEVC technology. There is no official reaction from Apple nor an evaluation of the impact of this possible error since the only information is found in these forums. We will see if in the next few days we have any new information and the error is contained without too much social alarm.