If an iPhone on Wallapop has this, buy it

What to look for in a Wallapop device?

In Wallapop you can find different types of devices that range from phones of the current generation to devices that Apple has discontinued and that have a very low price. This wide range of devices makes many users have doubts about what requirements to prioritize when buying a second-hand device in order to avoid scams. However, there is three paragraph elements that every device has to include and that we are going to mention next:

Invoice and original box

One of the great fears when purchasing a second-hand iPhone is that this device has had several owners and, therefore, it is not known for sure what the state of the device is from an internal point of view. For this, the best way to determine status is to ask for the original invoice and box.

If you do not have any of the three elements, it is probably a device that has passed through several hands, and in some other purchase-sale only the device has been delivered. In this case, it is best to look for another type of user that provides more security.

case iphone 13 pro

Charger and covers

For several generations, the charger has not been included in the Apple box, so it is an accessory that you have to buy separately. Many users will use third party chargers. Proof of this, it is important to know what type of charger has been used to charge the device, because if you have not taken care of the battery, it is possible that it is very deteriorated.

If the seller gives you an official charger, cable and protective covers, it is a sign that they have a good product to sell, they do not want to deceive anyone and they want to recover part of the investment made in order to renew their device to another generation. current. The same situation occurs with the covers, since if the device is delivered with several covers, it indicates that it has been protected at all times against falls and scratches.

charger cable

Price within the market and constant sending of information

If you see a off-market price at any of its limits, discard that product because it may be the target of a deception, either because the product is not the one that appears in the description or because the device is broken and you do not want to indicate it. In addition, if the device has any damaged internal component, it will have a direct impact on the price, so it is an indication to know what situation the device is in previously.

A second question is whether the seller provides information of the device during the purchase process, since it provides videos where you can see that the iPhone works correctly and above all, it does not hesitate to send more information. In this type of situation, the seller is a user who has nothing to hide because he knows that his device is good and there will be no problem about the device after the sale of the equipment.

If the iPhone and the client meet these requirements, we are facing a potential iPhone purchase. In this case, other values ​​already enter, such as the general condition of the product, price, battery degradation or years of age.