If Apple buys my iPhone, can it also buy my iPad?

The objectives of Apple Trade In

Making the purchase of an iPhone more attractive is a factor that increases sales. If we give up a phone that we already have, to buy a new one, but cheaper, the truth is that it can become a very attractive point for users who want to renew their devices, but do not want to accumulate them over the years.

This is what happens for users, but for Apple, it is actually recovering many of the raw materials that have been extracted to make those iPhones. If they already have everything together, in one place, and can get these materials immediately, for them it is saving time, money and environmental costs. Although the iPhone case is the most famous, this is not the only one.

Apple also allows you to deliver your iPad with Trade In

Apple’s device renewal program also includes the iPad. However, not all the iPad models that we are going to deliver will be valued at a discount. Those models that are in operation, and in good aesthetic and physical condition will have more value for the repurchase.

However, unlike the iPhone Apple Trade In program, Apple is not so clear with which models we are going to get “x” amount of money. In fact, the list they have in terms of devices and prices is rather brief, and they do not specify sizes or generations, within the product families. So, this is the price list:

  • iPad Pro: we can get up to 555 euros
  • iPad Air: we can get up to 355 euros
  • iPad: We can get up to 215 euros
  • iPad mini: we can get up to 285 euros

ipad trade in appraisal

Just as Apple explains these quantities, very briefly, it also mentions that we can get from “35 to 555 euros” for bringing an iPad we already have. Likewise, the fine print of the conditions by which an iPad is going to be appraised, explains the following:

» Not all devices are eligible for this offer. For more information on eligible devices and their recycling, please ask our partner. There may be restrictions and limitations. The payment will depend on the state of the device matching that indicated during the appraisal.»

A small print that, in practice and in terms of the price of the iPad, only gives these details. Therefore, if we want to know the exact amount that we are going to receive for our device, we will have to go to the device pricing section, and enter serial number. From there, we will have to answer the questions that are asked of us and, once everything is answered, the value of our team will be indicated to us.